Car engine remapping


Can anyone recommend a company near London that remaps car engines? My new BTJ’s car needs a little boost.



Milton Keynes?


Was the old one too bent to repair?
What have you got now?


Maybe this instead.


The Beemer was a right off, my new car is… Skoda Citigo se. 59 bhp.


Cost of car- £200.00

Cost of insurance uplift for non manufacturers performance upgrade to 60 bhp £2000

Performance has its price.


Well if you buy a little run around that is what you get, what is the point of trying to up the performance of a car that doesn’t have any performance to ‘up’?

If you want a BTJ you will have to up your game :grinning:


400 - 59 = 341 :grin:


But with remapping Jim?


I can get it up to 80 bhp.



Why not buy a car with 80hp to start with?


Do the insurance company / hire car people know what you intend doing with the courtesy car provided?
I can’t think of another reason why you would have one of these!


Courtesy car? I do not do much driving so a cheap runaround is just what I want. I could add some ‘go faster’ stripes.




Second daughter just traded her Kia Sportage for a Fiat 500 Abarth, nice little car the Abarth, more power than 59bhp.

Why didn’t you buy the 74bhp verson?


I did look for the 74 bhp version but the ones I saw were just not good enough condition and I want a car quite quickly, hence the mapping.


I would have bought the Abarth Bob but my insurance is quite high and I do very little driving nowadays.


These add about 10BHP, and are also carbon fibre so are lighter for a lower centre of gravity and better handling win/win :+1: