Car Insurance

Gotcha :+1:

Just renewed mine for next month. The renewal quote from my existing lot was near double. I found it for about 15% more.
The galling thing is while playing the auto trader game I can insure an AMG CL63 for 10% less than my current E350d rag top.

Just got the multi-policy renewal quote in.
For the two daily drivers it’s up about 30%
For the Buildings and contents it’s up about 16%

I still intend to call up and decline the renewal and see what they offer.
This yearly dance really is a pain in the hole.

Good news is the bike insurance went down by a tenner to £94.



Well. Here’s a turnup for the books. Just gone through the trial of searching via a comparison site, and quotes are £200 less than last year. No idea what JL would have offered but, tallyho !


Just had my renewal through on the Panamera. An increase if £52 (12%) Way better than I was expecting.


Lucky bastard.
Our two cars (Duster and Ka) last year £529, this year £832!!!
Tried the comparison sites and can get both for about £60-70 cheaper.

Fucking hate car insurance :rage:

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My turn for a car insurance moan.

Last year cost £546 for 2 cars. This year’s renewal £813, a 48% increase.
Long story short… I ended up cancelling, and buying insurance from the same provider via a comparison site for £664 a 22% increase.

'kin farce.

To add, its the EV that has caused the Lion’s share of the increase, the ICE car went up by less than £20.

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