Cart leads AG v AN

Ok. Let’s avoid cable thread pitfalls.

Hana has gold pins. Techie has gold pins and copper wire.
Ordered copper Oyaide headshell leads to match my Oyaide headshell (gold connectors).

Dealer emails back:
“ hello sir
would you like a free upgrade to the oyaide pure silver wires instead which are in a different league?”

Now they do cost TWICE the price. But I picked the copper to keep it all one type of metal.
Is there any reason to bite his hand off and accept silver, with rhodium connectors?

Or was I right to match the arm? Or does it not make a blind bit of difference?

Dithering over the reply and help appreciated. Simply put: mix and max out, or match and go cheap? Actual cost is all the same to me now!

I’d say to him - if you’re offering the silver ones free that usually cost twice as much, can I have the copper for half price? :wink:


I suspect I may be a stock availability issue!

Head tells me they won’t make any difference at all either way so stick to a match. But I has the freebie want.

I would take the silver, fit them and listen to the miusic
But then I wouldn’t be sitting there obsessing about the what was fitted.
If it is going to stop you relaxing and enjoying the system then stick to what you ordered.

(Then you can sit there worndering what might have been )


This was more about the physics of matching metals long term. and less about the sound which I expect to be indistinguishable.

I still hover on the reply button…

Order the silver. Wait a while and see if you like it. If not, flog them on PFM at 30% off* and buy the copper. :money_mouth_face:

Other sites are available. Rampant profiteering is naughty.



Hassle. Plus I don’t think I would hear anything.
Just seems more natural to have all gold connectors and one long copper wire.
My techie arm is never going to be anything but copper.
Bit silver has fairy power and is moar.

Nothing gives me foo paranoia more than arm wires. Go silver.


Yeah but the silver oxidises more quickly. It might sound minutely better for a very short period of time. Nothing sounds worse than oxidised silver contacts.

Rhodium plate contacts. Treated bronze underneath. Just the wires are silver.
Or gold plate with copper equivalents.


Everyone who bought an Audionote arm started as a cable naysayer right up to the point of purchase where they all shelled out for the AN fairywire version :smile:

Yeuch. Did you check the resistivity of Rhodium. It looks shiny though. Great if you like that sort of thing.

Cart leads AG v AN

What is AN?


u n

Au? Gold?

Are there any carbon fibre arm leads available?

I now understand why your turntable has two platters…

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BOGOF, obvs… :joy:

And a bunch of solder in various complete breaks in the chain