Cartridge advice

I have been working on downsize the Vinyl side and wanted to try something against the P9 at a more affordable price point and appeared to have agreed to buy this…:grinning:

I was thinking of getting another AT33-PTGII to go with it, any suggestions on if it might be a good match? Or anything else around the £300 Mark?

Hana el

Or I’m enjoying the nagaoka mp11 with boron stylus, looks like you can get an mp200 from Japan for around £300 if you wanted to try mm

I’ve got a Nagoka MP11 you can have for £10 in the kitty - Body only, you will need a styli

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If you can throw in the koetsu coral, I’ll stick £20 in the kitty


Ortofon Quintet Blue mc cart. £349.



Just go full R

Strain gauge FTW.

But you will need the decoder or to DIY a dedicated stage.

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So getting a little confused. Searching online I’ve seen this tonearm likes low compliance cartridges, but on Audio Database, the Micro Seiki Cart that came with it is 30x10 to 6 cm/dyne, which would make it very high compliance?

Always liked the Benz micro gold MC for under £300

What is the arm mass?

No idea…

And an AT33PTGII is out of the question, it was £340 when I bought mine new a few years back! When did that happen!

I just remembered I have these Rob.

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Most Japanese manufacturers inc AT measure compliance at 100hz, it’s normally quoted at 10hz in most of the rest of the world.

Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve been offered an AT33SA, any idea if it be OK? If I did keep the P9 I could use it on that as I know the PTG/II works well…

I toyed with the idea of an SA when I got a PTGii. There wasn’t much info at the time but what I read suggested it offered up a little more resolution with little trade off other than maybe slightly more exacting set up. Used the PTG on a Jelco 12’’ arm which should be of a similar ilk to the Luxman, worked great

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FWVLIW, the AT33sa is the favourite AT cart of the Audio Technica UK sales bloke and he could technically have walked off with any model he wanted.

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Being an ART-1000 owner that has heard other AT33s but not the sa in question, I still feel safe to conclude that the AT UK sales bloke is deaf as a post based on that :laughing:

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