Cheapish used turntables - need to find a use for an old RB300

I’ve got a spare RB300 gathering dust, and thought I’d look out for an affordable used deck to put it on.

So, with a budget of around £150 is there anything to consider beyond the obvious Rega/Systemdek options?

The plan is to put the deck in the spare room, so my eldest and I can listen to dub without the rest of the family moaning that it’s shit.


Buy a small TV for £150 so the rest of the family can watch TV in the spare room.


Good plan, but the spare room is too small for the rest of the family - and just right for two dub fans and a load of beer.

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You won’t be able to hear them complaining



Dya think it does bass?

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Would that be better than (say) a Rega P3/Rb300?

My watch list now has some turntables on it.

We’ll see how much they go for.

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For that money, Technics SL-7 and, yes, far better than a P3.

Some interesting options there.

Am I right to keep the RB300 (it has had an Incognito rewire and currently has an Ortofon MC20fl fitted) and look for a deck to fit it, or would I be better off selling the arm and starting from scratch? I guess that would increase the budget somewhat.

Sell the arm and buy a 1200/1210. Perfect for banging reggae singles on


See above.

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I’d be intrigued to watch you fit the RB 300 to that… :wink:

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The linear tracking would be a trifle unpredictable…

My son reckons he’d like a turntable in his room, so I think I’ll look for an old armless Rega, fit the RB300 and give him that.

That leaves the way clear for another deck for the spare room. I love shopping for turntables.


I wonder how much of a gamble this one would be. Had one of these many moons ago and was very happy with it.

Not much risk other than you’ll need to cut a new armboard for it.

I wondered about that - is that a Linn cut in the photo?