Cheese making

Making cheese.



Friend of mine does it. Makes a really good cheddar but that takes a long time to mature whereas blue cheeses are relatively quick. He soon realised he could steal the culture for the blue cheese from an already made good quality Stilton.


It’s something we’ve never tried before, fascinating how it works.


keep us posted rob

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paneer? or something else?

We regularly make paneer - a tofu press can be handy

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Yes, it’s paneer :+1:.

I can just about remember my nan making butter on the farm, but not cheese.

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Had a great paneer curry the other week :+1:

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Lowering the pH gradually and pressing it when still warm are key to soft paneer that doesn’t crumble/ fall apart

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That’s posh for cottage cheese, non?

no - cottage cheese isn’t pressed

I recall going around a Camembert factory in France some years ago - essentially, it was just adding a bit of a culture to warm milk and leaving it to thicken. And then when thick enough (about the same as double cream and about 2 or 3 days after the culture had been added) transferring to boxes to finish off. The theory is easy enough and I reckon using the mould from a decent cheese would probably get a good start. Not that I am going to, mind.

It’s currently in the squeezing room…

Minor point, so, of I press some cottage cheese…

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Yes. The same process. Though cottage cheese is salted paneer isn’t.