Chelsea Dave’s record sale

Dave was known for his great stories, excellent taste in music, and incredible generosity. These qualities continue today.

Sale Information: Dave’s record collection sale will start on Monday, August 28th, at 7pm. The collection will be released in batches, with a three-day gap between each batch for order processing.

Buying Process: Each batch will be presented via a flip-through film displaying the available records. If you’re interested in specific records from a batch, reply directly to that batch’s thread listing the records you want. Eg ‘Batch A I’d like the following____’

First Come, First Served:. If you desire certain records, make your choices quickly and post back into the batch’s thread. You will be contacted via PM for shipping details / payment etc.

Condition of Records: Most of Dave’s records are in EX//EX condition, he took good care of them. If you’re concerned about the condition and pressing details, be aware that you may lose your selection to someone else.

Restricted Buyers: This sale is intended for forum members. Dave’s wish was for the collection to stay within the “family.” Lurkers who want to buy the entire collection or wish to profiteer are excluded. In short: Now is not the time to be a cunt.

Pricing and Value: The records are priced as a gift from Dave. There are many desirable audiophile quality recordings in the collection (MoFi / Analogue Productions etc etc being sold at £10 - £25). Discussions about prices ‘being too low’ or ‘the value of specific records’ will be redirected to the following statement. ‘These records all need a good home, Dave generously wanted them to be enjoyed by forum members.

*Processing: Stu will be handling packing and postage. £5.50 for 1-2KG over this weight parcel force / AA taxi will be discussed.

Connection to Dave: By purchasing and enjoying these records, you maintain a connection to Dave’s memory. The money raised from sales will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support.

Stand by for Batch 1. Monday, August 28th, at 7pm


Well said!!

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Thanks very much for doing this Stu.
Top man!


Great Job Stu!

Any CDs? :wink:


Couple more things before I forget.
If you could delete your choice if that specific album has already gone,not a deal breaker,but will help me.

Please put your choice in each thread and not by pm.

I will automatically start a pile for you if you buy any album.

I will be sourcing suitable packaging at the end as will have a better idea of what’s required for the safety of the albums,so please be patient.

If you buy a large pile that is to risky to post,I’m happy to drive around to deliver for price of my fuel.



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Hands off they are mine :wink:

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I have lots of mailers if that helps, can shove them in a large box and send them to you?


That would be great Pete.

:+1: PM me your address and I’ll get them to you.


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Are you going to remove the hundreds of unplayed records in them first? :nail_care:t2:



Thanks for taking-on this hero-tier Cat Herding exercise Stu.

The mod team should give you a ban-hammer for all the brain-donors who will ignore or derp-out every word you’ve just posted :hammer: :hammer_and_pick: :hammer:


If there is enough interest in the cds,I’m happy to go back to Dave’s flat and pick them up. I brought one box back,but didn’t have the room for them all. Let me know.

There are hundreds,possibly a thousand.


I would be interested in the CD’s, as well.


Also CD interest here


Yeah cd interest here too.


Myself and Guy viewed the collection and made a few films for the sale. Be prepared for a golden hearted bargain.


May as well mention it now as I know no one will read what I post on Monday :smiley:

There looks to be 2 of one of the mobile fidelity albums,but it is in fact just one,we think Dave got a new cover sent out as there is very slight damage on the corner of one. Will post out the spare cover to the winner.

Also will be checking all of batch A over the weekend to make sure there are no obvious visual flaws.

Miles Davis double album will be withdrawn as there is a one inch scratch on one of the sides.

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