Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind

This is basically a thread to beg for sponsorship for a half marathon I have rather stupidly agreed to run in Chesterfield on the 22nd October this year.

I am raising money for Mind because mental health will affect many of us in our lives, and whether people experience stress, anxiety, depression and other problems, access to NHS treatment and support is just not good enough and lags unfairly behind physical health.

Mind not only campaign for better services but also provide valuable support and advice to help people navigate a complicated underfunded service, but also more importantly give people some-one to talk to.

Along with pleas for donations I will also post updates here on just exactly how bad my training is going so that those of you who enjoy some kind of vicarious thrill in the pain and failure of others can revel in my self inflicted torture.

All donations will be gratefully received through my Justgiving page as its important to be transparent, and of course Gift Aid can be added directly.

You can also give through your phone if you don’t have a Justgiving account set up.

Simply text 70070 with the code WGCD 66 and put your donation eg £5 etc

Thank you.


All the best with this

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I shall sponsor your hamstrings. If one of them make an E# when it goes ping I shall pay a 25% bonus.

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Donation made Wayne. Looking forward to your tales of self inflicted torture :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you running in fancy dress?

He is now.

Not intentionally but a garish brightly coloured pair of meggings and retro headband have been suggested to complete my hipster-jogger look.

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Just added phone donation code.

If we raise a set amount,can we choose what you wear?


Negotiable :grimacing:

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You dont need no garish meggings to cover up your garish legs. :slight_smile:

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Why do you think I’d prefer to wear leggings :grin:

garish meggings will match this nicely

I accept it’s going to be a long road to be able to run 13 miles and to be honest I have no idea how to get there.

So I looked into various plans and downloaded an app called Mapmyrun (which also integrates with MyFitnessPal so your running calories sync automatically).

It tracks your runs and records useful workout data. Also it has customisable training plans for 5k up to marathon (premium = subscription). I’ve started the 5k program so it can gradually build me up to running for about half an hour and then that will be a platform for then stepping up to half marathon training.

I did a short interval jog last night which wasn’t too bad. Today I used the app to track my walk with the dog -

Do start incorporating hills once you’re comfortable with running for 30 minutes. I imagine there’ll be several in Chesterfield.

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I loved his acoustic folk album


You’ve hit your target.

Now you’ve actually got to do it :thumbsup:


now you are over target you can start to think about a more imaginative kit to wear… how about an Abattoir vest?

Can’t seem to reset my password on the site. Will donate via phone later.

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