Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


Lady Gaga style?


Now I am over target it’s time to up it surely?

Actually can I say a big thanks to everyone who has donated so far to sponsor me. It’s very kind and yet you clearly all wish me to suffer which is sweet of you all :kissing_heart:


Training run this evening - 7 x 1 min jogs with 6 x 1 min walks in between. Oh fuck what have I signed up for :cold_sweat:


40 minute session today with a continuous 12 min jog and brisk walking either side. Apparently MapMyRun will then alter my training plan accordingly- I expect it to come back with ‘just give up’.

Met some friends along the way - obviously amused to see a donkey trying to run.


Just made a donation via phone but couldn’t gift aid it just yet as need to follow a link and have ran out of data until 03/04/17.


Fuck sakes… :tired_face::rage:.


That’s determination. Shop the organiser to get out of it :joy:


I’ll switch to the Bham half marathon the weekend before if it looks like being canned.


A crooked man in Chesterfield, who’d have thunk it.


Woke up today feeling full of beans, nice low resting heart rate so added an extra run as my next scheduled session is Sunday.

Yes those clouds did open up!


Ugh, tried to run with a hangover this morning :tired_face:. Not great.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s horrible while you’re doing it, but exercise does seem to burn the toxins away faster than just lying on the couch groaning.



Looks like you have some nice routes to choose from. I used to find the first 15 minutes of running quite difficult but once the breathing had settled down & joints were loosened it felt as if you could go on for miles.


We are fucking light years away from that feeling right now! I’m lucky as there are some great places to run all within a couple of minutes of my house, and once I can run a bit further, some even better landscapes to trudge through.

It was an interval run with a walk either side and once again I went too bloody fast (plan said 12min miles pace). Paying for it now.


Much better training run tonight. Short but better quality running. No real shin pain so able to run for a bit at decent pace and stress my lungs instead.


Is the distance covered a sign for a new power amp?


Logging yesterday’s short but sharp run in the sun. Basically extreme sweating.

Also used my HRM for the first time - well I can certainly get my heart rate up but think that’s too intense (felt it too).


any idea what your max HR is?


If you use the simple 220 minus age then you get 174.


I’m not 23 :stuck_out_tongue: