Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


I never got this right. Can you overdo it? It ought to be possible to work out how many extra calories you’ll burn running for a couple of hours tomorrow. Are you trying to load up with more than that? What’s the theory? I never did one but they say with a full marathon people tend to hit a wall after 20 miles or so. But I don’t think many actually run out of steam doing a half.


Well you can estimate calories to some extent, but a lot depends on how efficient your body is in storing and retrieving glycogen from muscles and fat.

So from my runs I can guess that the calorie requirement for 13 miles is going to be about 2000 kcals. But if you’re slow twitch then you tend to be more efficient in burning and storage, if you’re fast twitch then you don’t store them as glycogen as much as either burn them for heat, or store them as fat (harder to get at especially in the middle of a run when in deficit).

You’re right runners don’t tend to hit a wall at a half marathon but then most long distance runners are slow twitch bodytypes! As a fast twitcher I’m usually out of gas after 6 miles and then hit the wall about 9 or 10 miles. There’s little you can do to help this (apart from length of time training and development and adaptation of more slow twitch fibres) but in the short term trying to stack your muscles with carbs is about the only recourse, as well as keeping blood glycogen high and not going into deficit.


Good luck tomorrow. Try not to shit yourself in the street :+1:


And if you do, piccies


During the 84 Olympics,i’d always make sure i ate a large bowl of pasta the night before.

Good luck for tomorrow.


It did take some stamina to get through the Yanks’ coverage. Good effort by you.


Good luck tomorrow


yes hold off on the prunes !!!:grinning:


In hotel stuffing my face whilst wifey watches in horror at my gluttony.

Thanks for all the largely positive wishes guys- I’m trying to avoid doing a Radcliffe thanks :poop:


Good luck, carbo load carbo load carbo load :slight_smile:


You’re overdoing the eating thing. Someone will have to push you round in a wheelbarrow, if you’re not careful :open_mouth:


16 Wheatabix before you start should set you up to run (and run and run)


“Oats is wot you need” - Neil Armstrong


Go for it mate, after the first step you are almost there.


Almost :laughing:


Good luck Wayne. :+1:


Good luck today Wayne. I hope the weather is not too awful, it is raining horizontally here at the moment…


Good luck Wayne, whatever happens finish with a smile on your face :blush:


Good luck Wayne.


Go go Wayne. All the best.