Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


When I could actually run, I did the Great North Run four times. A group of 20 or so of friends did it together.

Our communal pre race evening out usually consisted of 8 pints (or so) and a fish ‘n’ chip supper. Try it, we always finished :+1:


How many shits did you have on the way round? I can think of a few shit holes along the route


Dinner of champions :+1:.



The entire route is a shithole. Fuckin ‘Mag’ cuntry! Never needed a shit, stopped once for a piss.

Worst time (no training whatsoever) 2:30

Best time (trained quite a bit) 1:55

Therefore, for half an hour or so, is it worth training?

Answer: YES, I thought I was going to die on the 2:30 run and felt like I could run it again on the 1:55

Good luck Wayne :+1:


Good luck Wayne :+1:


Now that children, is proper carb loading :smile:


Fucking hell im not cut out for this, the best I can hope for is 2:30 and that’s with training :tired_face:.


You’ll be a good deal faster than I would be then.



I was in my late twenties/early thirties and reasonably fit then. I couldn’t run for a bus now.

We raised money for various charities and it was always a good day out, although I hated the training (when I did it)


I did it once in my mid-twenties off no training in 2:19.

Hate running though and training even more.


Thought about doing it once - 0:00:20


I did the Plymouth half a few times. My best was 1:38 but on that occasion I got the pre-race nutrition wrong, probably also didn’t take on enough water on a warm day, lay down at the end & woke up in the first aid tent with a drip in my arm!

Usually did 1:40-1:41 without conking out at the end.


Bloody good times Guy. Ha ha that’s a million miles from even being possible for me! I will be looking to finish without injury :hospital:


A half marathon is hard written on my do do list. The white horse 1/2M in June 2018 runs close the where I was schooled and my Mum still lives so that is a possibility. Prior to my very recent running efforts my only running experience is that I trained for six weeks for the 1981 Abingdon marathon but unfortunately injured my leg badly two weeks before the start and couldn’t run.

More best of luck for Wayne


hope it goes well and you avoid brian !!


Forecast looks like this -


Perfect :+1:


Running prep is over and so we are onto nutrition which largely consists of replacing everything I would normally eat with carbs right up to the start line.

Mash, pasta, bagels, porridge and bananas feature fairly heavily.

Also trying to be careful to avoid any last minute injuries…


You tart. Get yersel’ out on the piss tonight :grinning:


20 years ago maybe. Right now there’s no fuckin chance that’s a good idea.