Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


That is the simple method and also the least painful one! Ramp test is the most accurate but max HR is also sport specific. When on the bike I did a couple of Ramp tests and saw a max of 174 but I run now (takes much less time!) and I have seen over 190 regularly with a max of 203. I am 54 so those running figures certainly don’t fit with the 220 minus age!


Curious to know what photo Scarlett and Ehhhmmily liked? :slight_smile:


The contents of his lunchbox?


That will have to remain a mystery :innocent:




I heard talk of a cheesy wotsit.


Actually enjoyed a run for the first time. Started out slow and found energy as I went along. Made a conscious effort to keep my heart rate at a moderate level so I could go longer and still have something left in the tank.


The only running I do is on my first break at work to avoid a parking fine. I’ve been running further before walking with still being able to breathe, but it’s only 10 or 15 mins. I never had much weight to carry but would always walk during cross country at school. Can imagine it feels good to get in a rhythm.


What did Scarlett and Ehhmly think ?



It’s fair to say they couldn’t give a fuck about what I run!


First very tentative run since my knee flared up a couple of weeks back.

Knee feels ok :thumbsup:


I would like to see more creative run route pictures on your map please.


Yawning baboon ?



Sorry @Pan I went for a boring shaped easy run at a slow steady pace.

Knee was absolutely fine which I’m very pleased about, but my calves have clearly forgotten the rigours of jogging and are tight as anything this evening - hot bath to try to loosen them off a bit before bed.


Right calf still like a thin elastic band but managed a brisk walk with no ill effects. Give it a few more days and a light jog and then hopefully slowly ramp up training again.

Any other issues and this half marathon thing can get to fuck.


You will do it in a fucking wheelchair!

Actually, that might be a better idea.


Eased back in with a half brisk walk, half very slow jog. Calf paranoia throughout. No after effects so far…


Careful for that dinosaur roaming Stourport


Another A-Saurus roaming about Stourport :slightly_smiling_face:


Gentle 3 mile run in the pissing rain Monday night :thumbsup:

I’ve now managed 3 runs in 7 days without too many ill affects. Might try to squeeze in another run late on tonight or first thing in the morning.