Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind



The butterfly collector


Big dipper obvs


Just over half a half marathon :slightly_smiling_face:

3 weeks to go :grimacing:


Short ‘recovery run’. Kraftwerk soundtrack got me stepping faster than usual pace :grinning:


Your abstract shapes are rather disappointing at the moment.

They just look like the path of a guy going for a run or something.


What’s the target? Do you think you can crack 2 hours?


Yes when I began I may have foolishly toyed with the idea of target times and what may be achievable. However the reality of injuries and my starting point soon fucked that off!

My target is to finish, and to run continuously with no walking etc. If I look at my comfortable pace that avoids the issues I’ve had in training then 2 hours 30 mins is more like a reasonable thing to go for. This may not seem awfully fast or ambitious but I keep having to say I’m a fast twitch short legged non runner so believe me finishing this will be a major achievement.

When half marathon runners can squat their bodyweight and do 30 pull ups then I’ll change my tune :smile:


This happened.


I didn’t realise you could get a bus to Ombersley on Sundays.

Seriously though, good effort. No major harm done I hope.



Noose with a lot of slack :+1:


Cheers Graeme. It hurts everywhere, and Hel is refusing to call me an ambulance :tired_face:


I won’t ask what she is calling you.

As long as nothing suddenly ‘went’ though, and your feet are not a mass of blisters, you could well be in a fit state to do it again in a couple of weeks.



Well done Wayne, that’s a big leap.


After mile 9 everything started screaming for attention from my feet, ankles, calves but it wasn’t injury so I ignored it and ploughed on albeit pretty slowly.

I’m very lucky as I haven’t suffered any problems with blisters etc. I do get very sore arches and heels on a long run though and these need a good working on with a hockey ball to soften them up.


You’re an ambulance





Apparently this is a ‘recovery run’ :thinking:


Staffordshire Bull Terrier head


Nice long run Wayne.

In my expert opinion, you’re going to be absolutely fine for this.