Chesterfield half marathon - raising money for Mind


Cheers Ben. As long as I keep the handbrake on and don’t get carried away in the first 6 miles and injure myself then I’m confident I’ll be able to make it round.

Not long now :grimacing:


Headless basketball player spinning the ball on his finger


Yes - don’t get carried away…adrenalin will almost certainly ensure you go faster on the day, which is a good thing. Psychology is also important - I always stop the negative thoughts by telling myself that most people don’t do these things, but I do :slight_smile:


What I’ve learned is that the last 4 miles are 5% physical, 95% mental toughness.


When I used to do these, the two issues that needed to be taken care of were getting your pre race nutrition right (and practising taking on water while on the move from plastic cups) and making sure that your bowels were empty as adrenaline and nerves at the start can otherwise introduce an urge to dump early in the run.


Rule #1 - poop before you run; empty colon = faster times :nerd_face::laughing:


Yes. You’ll have to decide at what point you stop ticking off the miles in an upwards direction (‘achievement’) and start counting them down to the finish (‘the end is in sight’).



Count down after 10. Earbuds go in and the inspirational music goes on!


Short run which I did not enjoy.


Call Ghostbusters




Last run before the real thing on Sunday :grimacing:

Now it’s just avoiding injury and bring on the carbs :yum:


Not an omen I hope …




Best of luck




Good luck Wayne, we’ll look out for you running past our place, the route runs close to our house.


Good luck Wayne!


Very best of luck Wayne.