Chips - An-Twerps

What makes them good?
What’s best practice?
Where serves the best?
Chips around the world,
Naked or skins on?
Triple the chances of 3rd degree burns / house fire
Oven baked?
Weird shit you put on them
Best you’ve ever had
What fucking potato?

You get the idea -

Today I encountered the ‘V’ cut chip, apparently there’s some science to back these up

I have to say they were outstanding on the crisp to fluff ratio - Not sure what kind of spuds were deployed but they were better than 90% of the gastro triple cooked I’ve had.

Apparently McCain do V cut but these were done in house and were moreish enough for me to steal remnants from the kids plates and start eyeing other tables.

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Belgian Fries. That’s end game type shit. Anything else can get in the fucking bin. :belgium::belgium::belgium::grin::grin::grin:


Good lord man

The Belgians can’t be trusted with a potato

Chips cooked in dripping from the Ironbridge Victorian Village.



Have you ever eaten chips in Belgium?


Exactly this :+1:

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Actually yes but I don’t think I had a very good sampling. I recall them being over saturated with a greasy mouthfeel.

Chips are made of potato.
Potato is satans semen.
Chips are gross, cos the devils seed.

Fucking hell, I knew you were a deviant, but that’s insane. Potatoes are god tier foodstuffs.


Ouch, Must be painful on those occasions he gets excited


An appallingly wonderful opinion and one for AA lore.

Calling all Air Fryers - What say you?

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Fuck air fryers for chips. I use a traditional chip pan and triple fry Maris Pipers (peeled) in beef dripping. Works for me.

I’m sure there may be better varieties of spud to choose from but my supply is limited to what Tesco/Coop have in when I do my shopping.



The only way to make them palatable, the spud becomes a carrier for the Devine taste of bovine insulation.

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I suppose you’re just about on topic going the full potato on a thread about chips…


Heroically few posts to attain Peak Depravity - you always Deliver, sir :ok_hand:

You are also the wrongest thing that was ever wrong, ever.

Only bread is better.

My ideal chip is crunchy outside - thrice cooked in dripping ideally - fluffy inside, and roughly 50% skin-on. Abundantly salted, natch.

New-season Lincolnshire potatoes - whites, Picasso are near-perfect.

Paul is correct - there is no substitute for deep-frying.

All that said, perfection has to elude me, personally - I’m already morbidly obese, so if I ate as many chips - cooked in the manner I prefer - I would be dead long-ago.

Air-fryer works adequately to produce what are in effect small roast potatoes - another entry in the food-of-the-gods gustatorial pantheon. No substitute for The Real Thing…

</Pavlovian drooling>


Duck fat> Beef dripping. I feel this is uncontentious; the chips are repeatably better cooked in Jemima than they are Ermintrude.

My more contentious personal preference is that the skinny fry is preferable to the chunky chip but that’s not a hill I will die on. Also sweet potato fries are a hatecrime and should be banned.