Classical Music reco

Having just seen @Kevin 's post, stating “if you’ve only ever listened to one Classical Album …” I realise that I have never listened to more than about 15 minutes of a Classical Album.

I’ve decided I will be putting that right over the Chrimbo break by treating myself to 3 Classical Albums. It’s a hell of a size back catalogue about which I know precisely nothing, so recommendations appreciated please.

Which 3 Classical masterpieces should everybody own ?



I guess you want something very approachable and tuneful?

How about Bach cello suites, Beethoven 5+7 and Brahms Hungarian dances?

Want specific disc recos?

Doesn’t need to be particularly approachable Adam, just something that you think people who appreciate music should own.

Particular titles would be appreciated.

I have good few classical stuff to dispose of. Usual shit. Let me know what type you want. All foreign names and either the 1st to 84th concerto.

Free to good home.

Ok, Paul Tortelier for the Brahms, Kleiber for the Beethoven 5/7 and Fischer for the Brahms maybe.

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My choice would be the 3 albums that were my intro to Classical…

Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition
Handel - The Messiah
Stravinsky - The Firebird Suite.

Initially, I wouldn’t be too concerned about specific performances.


Must go through the classical albums I have. Not listened to one of them.

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For introductions -

I’ve long had a liking for Smetana’s Ma Vlast. The Czech Philharmonic are the local choice for this - they have recorded this under various conductors over the years and I suspect that they just know it so well.

Also Dvorak’s 9th , From the New World.

Both are in the “popular, easier listening” section of classical but, imho, none the worse for it.

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Vivaldi - Four seasons is a cracking one to start with.

Holtz - the planets is another easy one to listen to.

But anything by Beethoven is good.


I actually know of those two, The Planets being the one I invested 15 minutes in.

First pass of freebees

Beethoven Moonlight
Beethoven Symphony No5
Grieg Peer Gynt
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No1

Quite a few more upstairs when I get the time.


I’m not a huge classical listener Mike but these might be worth a listen

Prefer this one ^^ to the Dawn Upshaw version but both are very good

Love this

This is an extraordinary recording

Another amazing recording


Thanks so far folks. Keep them coming and I’ll invest in the most common suggestions on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Sorry and this which gets more play here than any other classical stuff


Thanks Al :+1:

The B minor mass is one of the monumentally great pieces of all time, this is a brilliant performance.


This is sublime

There was an amazing documentary he done years ago called Guitarra which used to be on youtube but seems it’s been taken down.

After I watched it I gave up the guitar as I knew I could never play a guitar like that and there was no point in even trying. :sob:

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I cant remember if you play records but I can have the ones I listed in the post tomorrow.

I do indeed play records Mick That would be very generous of you. At least let me meet postage or put something in the meter here.

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