Oh no it doesn’t


As it’s that time of year…

Oh yes it does…


OUr Dualit is the older type with narrow slots - good for toast or half a bagel at a pinch, but not sadly toasties - so we got one of these:

Works a treat for all sorts of meat products as well as sarnies, heat and pressure adjustable too - a pleasure to use.



We have a deep fill Breville, and I recently got the waffle plates for it, which have priced very popular. The removable plates make keeping it clean very easy.


Heston Blumenthal? He ought to sort out dealing with simple tasks such as learning to make mince pies before embarking on the design of complex electrical apparatus.

It’s like those novice parfumiers, David & Victoria Beckham or indeed Rhianna. They need to take a basic chemistry course before donning their white coats & slaving away for hours in laboratories. They’d achieve far more with a little knowledge. Lab work surely can’t be an efficient use of their valuable time.


presumably, you can cook pidgin in it…:wink:


I have a Dualit with a sandwich-toasting slot. It is excellent. Any debris just falls straight out of the bottom into the crumb tray, which is made of metal and not scared of melted cheese.




You see, this is the sort of useful, bias confirming advice i need


Melted cheese is a well known superfluid, though. It climbs up the sides of its container and wreaks havoc everywhere.


Surely this has applications in hi-fi. Isolation maybe.

CheesyFeet ™


So, are you saying that new or old style they are no good?


I like the new style, with removable plates.


Ok cool will research. We have John Lewis vouchers burning a hole. This “fat gully” business, do you have an opinion/ is this taken care of with the new style?


We have one of those, but with more controls and a drain. Had it for 10 years + and it’s very good :+1:


You don’t need a fat gully on the Breville, because it’s only doing toasties. The one you are looking at is a combined grill thing. The Breville is about £25 from Amazon, so horses for courses.


Blues for Alabama is still his best album imo



Just looking again at the Cusinart spec and it says “Fat collection tray discreetly collects excess oils.” I’ll have to see one in the flesh I think. I do like the idea of dual purpose…