1st slip for him.


Mouthwatering and inspirational - Lopwell prepare:

(Burns unit also be on standby thank you please.)


Real men Madame


That looks marvelous


Tru dat.

I always thought it was just an excuse to re-brand Breville with a higher price tag - needless to say it was a SWMBO-selected device, but tbh it’s very versatile, has done everything we’ve asked of it well and is easy to clean and use. It gets a strong recommend for all this despite the price.


For the authentic Elvis experience use bacon dripping instead of butter.


Cubano sandwich; roast pork, ham, gruyere, sliced dill pickle, and mustard on a crusty roll or baguette. This is a Cuban-American sandwich so the “authentic” mustard to use is the bright yellow 'mercan stuff, your taste may vary. Salami can also be included. Really does require either a press or some sort of weight on top if using a pan, you want everything smooshed together.







I buy the cheap £15 ones from Currys sit it on some kitchen paper and once it has become completely overloaded with burnt cheese and oil I throw it away it and buy another.

Much easier than cleaning the fucking things.

Best recipe is white bread, cheddar, ham and red onion.


Has anyone actually ever made one with a French style bechamel sauce? I can never be arsed.


nah…once tried a proper welsh rarebit tasty but a right old faff


I went to Tesco last night for cheese, bread and ham. They didn’t have any of what I wanted, the cunts. Anyway, I subbed sourdough for some sort of malted seedy thing, gruyere for jarlsburg and I got some proxy looking sliced ham that was a bit too uniform for comfort.

I just made toasties with the lot including some bog standard cheddar and a drizzle of Sriracha and bloody hell they were awesome! Some sort of magic happens when you toast bread and melt cheese, even with shit ingredients. :+1:


ain’t you got a feckin camera then squire? :smirk:


Haha, they didnt last that long! :joy:



Mustard powder, smoked paprika, black pepper. :+1: :bulb:


How many processes to get from milk to toasted cheese? Pasteurisation, acidification, coagulation, separation, pressing, bacterial decay, ageing, melting, some denaturing or something as it browns. Amazing really.


May need to try that at Powdermills!


Buttering both sides of the bread, Mozzarella and aged strong Cheddar, Breaded ham, light mustard some kind of spiced chutney