The cognoscenti are demanding a separate thread, so which toaster? Why? And crack-like recipes please!

Shouldn’t the question be; how do you make your toasted sandwiches? I wouldn’t want to read of ill informed meatmen destroying their expensive Dualit or Siemens machines with an excess of molten cheese/nutella.

Actually I would :grinning:


Whatever. Opinion, argument and toasters that look like The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living, all welcome :+1:

I love a bacon, cheese and onion sandwich done in a frying pan…

Best done with bloomer bread, Make the sandwich with diced crispy bacon, sautéed onion (just slightly to take the raw edge off) and grated strong cheddar.

Butter the outsides of the sandwich and gently fry off each side in a pan until the cheese melts, oozes out and forms nice crispy cheesy bits on the outside…fucking yum

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Just a light dusting…

Right thinking men, anyone using one of these bastards?

I have the toaster but not the wire thingy, you?

Don’t you have to use some sort of a bag to stop the bottom of the toaster getting fucked with old melted cheese?


Yep. Great sandwiches, nightmare to keep clean. Now broken because Strayan fruit of loin reasons.


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There is a drawer that slides out that catches crumbs etc, but not sure how it would cope with melted cheese…

I am looking at this one:
Has 2 sets of plates, so turns into grill.

Keep warming that used cheese & it’ll be a perfect breeding ground for all manner of exotic life forms. I understand it’s how Big Pharma develop new anti-biotics.They have a phased array of old toastie makers that they cycle through with different fillings. Works a treat & saves millions on expensive laboratories & such.

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no fat gully/drain ?

Fat gully, drain? Sounds medical!

Of course, the Brioche fits in nicely.

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like this:

I hope that is not LETTUCE hiding in there!

Fried peanut butter and banana for me… :heart_eyes:

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Just buy a cheap one from Lidl / Aldi. Does exactly the same thing as the moar expensive ones

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