The Powderkeg


wotsat? you need sinus cleansing English Mustard


I’ve got the knife at least. :grin:


I can confirm that this is fantastic with cheddar/Gruyere and red onion.

The toastie rabbit hole beckons…


Have you tried it on a BBQ yet?


No but it could be done, although I’m not sure if there would be an advantage. We need Jaffle irons for Powdermills. :+1:


I’m liking these


Are you confusing this

with the central character here

(not strictly a cock, but maybe close enough for a cockmonsieur) :grin: ?



FTW :grin:


They look great! Are they heavy do you think?

I don’t have a sandwich toaster. I use the griddle plate on our oven, a bit of grease proof paper, a metal baking sheet and a really heavy bit of slate-y rock from Cornwall, which probably weighs 16-18 lbs. It’s the weight that makes the difference, I think.


Strayan style! :+1:


Some claim to be 1Kg.


But the two halves are hinged and create pressure when clipped together?

Ah, sorry. Can’t keep up with your edit!


Parallel conversations.


The Powderkeg Toast off & karaoke will purify the spirit