Cocktail hour

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Over the weekend my favourite spirit measure got broken.

It was basically a small chemistry beaker graduated in 10ml increments up to 40ml.

“Fear not!” says I, “I have another”.

After a bit of digging I locate it, however the graduations have been selected by a crackhead. 10ml, 25ml, 40ml, plus a random indication of 50ml that seems to be showing a level lower than 40.

I’m about to hit eBay to see what I can find, but what do folks here use for reasonably accurate measuring of sometimes quite glutinous liquids?

For general use a measuring cylinder may be adequate
whether single shot

or party size

though for full faff accuracy you will need a burette


I use a proper metal shot measure. I have 25ml and 35ml ones. I quite like them as it means I don’t get to sluggy as I get more pissed!

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I have plenty of metal shot measures, but frequently want to measure 10ml, 20ml, 40ml, 60ml (2 * 30ml obvs).

5ml would be handy too, but that’s roughly half 10ml.


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ml? measured off of graduations :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: the horror.

All measures should be grams to the nearest tenth please.

I just guess with the intermediate values. Do cocktails really need to be that accurate?

If I wanted more accurate then maybe I’d weigh them and use a chart like this:

Uhh, that’s cocaine mate :slightly_smiling_face:

This. A few different sizes of metal measure and the ability to estimate a half measure and you’re sorted surely?


Of course, instead of a single graduated measure, multiple measures and dead reckoning. Why didn’t I think of that? :man_facepalming:

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You seem determined to buy something, carry on!

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I assumed this was the Practice Nurse about to deal with a urine sample.

If it is then that sort of production deserves a round of applause.

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That’s @A_Touch_of_Cloth s mate who makes the rohypnocello.


Every so often my GP or clinic gives me a large plastic container and asks me to collect 24 hours worth. I still don’t think there’s that much though.

a good set of measurement spoons can be useful for more complex recipes

Here’s a selection of traditional bar measures & Jiggers I previously used. >>

Covering variously from 15/25/30/35/45/50/125ml.

Downside is that an accurate measure is near full to brimming & it is all to easy to have some spillage wastage.

I’ve been using these now, fer t’ last several years & they are brilliant. Between them they have pretty much all bases covered for my needs.

OXO 3112600UK Steel Angled Measuring Jigger - Silver : Home & Kitchen

OXO Good Grips Mini Angled Measuring Jug - 60ml : Home & Kitchen

The steel one has 10/20/30/40/50/60ml graduations on one inner side & tablespoon (15ml) graduations on the other ranging from half a tablespoon (7.5ml) up to four & effectively covering 7.5/15/30/45/60 ml.

The plastic one covers more different measurement standards from 1 to 12 teaspoons (5ml increments), from half to 4 full tablespoons, up to 60ml in 10ml increments & usefully also going down to 5ml quite usefully & also very usefully if following cocktail recipes from some books or internet sources it also covers UK fluid ounces in a range from a quarter up to 2 fluid ounces.

One slight idiosyncrasy of the plastic one is that on the teaspoon scale is that 4teaspoons is pretty much bang on 25ml, not 20ml as it should be, but all the other scales seem accurate when I’ve decanted into other measures to check.

Definitely useful to have both, for if you are doing different drinks at the same time. They’re nice thoughtfully designed pieces of kit with good ergonomics & are very easy to use with the graduations always easy to read. With the thoughtfully provided lip/pouring spout & generosity of sizing they are near impossible to spill from unless you have pretty bad shakes.