Companies you will never ever do business with again

Fortnun and Mason were established in 1707, I wonder what their rules were prior to 1986

who cares, I wanted my hamper to give a treat to my unwell MiL who lives outside the M25.

Hastings Direct.
I signed up online and they debited the money three weeks before the policy was due to start.
I mentioned them to a mate who had a bad experience, did some googling and cancelled 2 days after I signed up under 14 day LDS regs. They cancelled but told me they couldn’t refund the money until the day the policy was due.
What policy? I asked 'The one that doesn’t exist?
Yes Sir
‘You can’t keep my money you haven’t provided a service’
That is our policy sir.
‘Every other insurance company i have dealt with debit the money the day before or on the day the policy starts, you took my money 3 weeks in advance’
That is our policy sir

It took me two days to escalate from Customer Service bod to Senior Customer Service, to Finance to Legal to Finance before I got my money back

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I had a TV which lasted 18 months before the ‘vision’ stopped working. As I had no use for a flat screen radio it went to the dump. :rage:

Hmm, BMW, useless wankers who can’t build or look after cars correctly.

Emporium for storing products in a damp warehouse with holes in the roof and no heating and then guess what they don’t work.

Whest, for making phono stages that need maintenance every fucking year when something fails (yes mine is sold now).

HP for being about as helpful as a rabid wolf when you have issues with their crappy laptops.

Why does any one ever accept this warranty nonsense?
When this has happened to me I go back to the retailer I bought it from
They always quote ‘out of warranty’
I ask who the warranty is with, they always reply ‘the manufacturer’
I tell them that I am not interested in that, I do not have a contract with the manufacturer I have a contract with them.
Sale Of Goods act they have to supply an item of merchantable quality. A washing Machine/TV/Camera that only last 18 months is not of merchantable quality.
They sold it to me, they are responsible for supplying a replacement.

It always involves a succession of managers and then head office and on one occasion me finally telling their legal dept I would start proceedings through the small claims court but they have always settled


I used to work in retail. I fucking hated people like you. :wink:


I work in Customer Service, I hate cunts who can’t see past their own needs.
Most of my job involves managing peoples’ expectations.

I just hate poor service full stop.
There is no excuse for it.

There is a difference between supplying a product and supplying a service, and what is ‘reasonable’ given external circumstances.
If my telly didn’t work because I had a flood I wouldn’t go to the retailer nor would i expect them to pay out, I would go to my insurer.
If there were no trains due to an accident or suicide on the line or some such I wouldn’t expect a magic train to arrive, I would expect an explanation and perhaps some advice in finding an alternative route.
I should also say that none of the above (my post) is an excuse for being rude to or bullying the staff member you are dealing with. Invariably they are telling you what they have been told to tell you and don’t know any different. When they realise you aren’t accepting what they ae saying they are happy to boot you up the line especially if you are polite.


O2. Cunts.

I take your point, but I think that there is. Poor pay, shit hours, pressure from management and targets to meet doesn’t help.

Some great takes on complaints

I was at a Conference once where a speaker did a plenary presentation on customer service.

He asked if any of the audience had been shopping in the USA.
He asked if they thought the US standard of service was far superior to the British?

(Lots of nodding of heads)

He asked if they had ever considered why that might be?
(Lots of puzzled looks)

‘In the US’ he said ‘there is a far greater chance that the customer might be armed’


Peugeot because of the pain they have inflicted upon us. So much meh per mile.

Quantas. Cunts of the highest order. Never again.

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Passing this through the scumbag filter:
When fumbling through your wallet at the customer service desk looking for your receipt always ‘Accidentally’ drop your gun license square on the desk. (Follow this with a law society membership card if dealing with particularly thick skinned agent)

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There you are different. Most customers have the logic of Brexiteers;
Moon on a Stick and their own personal unicorn.



Oh, and thanks for the reminder. I would add Qantas to my list too. 20 years of being part of their Frequent Flyer program destroyed by a series of poor experiences (just after moving their operations off-shore to Dubai). They use indifference as a negotiating tool with customers.

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Carphone warehouse for selling me a broadband contract that they couldn’t actually supply which meant that my being proactive and trying to to get a seamless move ended up with a ten day loss of connection - I will never knowingly enter one of their shops again.