Computer games and that


I’m looking for a new game to play on the PC. Has anyone played the Civilisation series, particularly the new one, Civ 6?

Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today
Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today

I fancy playing Battlefield 1 but that would mean buying a whole new uber PC (I can’t play those kind of fps games on console controllers).


Yeah BF1 getting good feedback.


Used to play Civ2 back in the day. Thouroughly addictive. Ended up staying up all night killing off other civilisations sometimes.


Fallout 4. It’s a fabulous time-pit in between bouts of Fifa button bashing.


Farming Simulator 2017.


I’ve just bought a PS4 with COD and FIFA. Haven’t played in years. Waiting for a telly to arrive to be able to play though. I loved Fallout 3 so will probably get Fallout 4. I can’t be doing with PC gaming.


I’ve got Civ 5 and Beyond Earth, which are both great. I’ve not had a go on Civ 6 yet but from what I’ve seen of the gameplay footage, it’s got some really great developments to the game.


I’m a bit sad, still playing World of Tanks, I’m afraid… :flushed:


Just get a PS4

I hooked up my old PS3 last night after watching 13 hours…

And played COD and was amazed to see loads of online players. It’s years old but still fun. My thumbs hurt.
GTA was bags of fun too…


I don’t want a PS4, thanks.


It wasn’t an order. Cheers

Can’t help with pcs. I just use mine for ripping and typing now n then when the iPad isn’t enough.


Probably not the best question for you to answer then.


I’m going to be so crap at COD as it’s just so fast.


I’m playing the Eye of the Beholder II - The Legend of Darkness.

It’s the updated version of the 1970 Dungeon and Dragons classic.

I’m stuck at the moment :cry:


Civ 6 is 50 quid. 50 quid!


I want Planet Coaster.


Not for long. Have you checked out CDkeys and the like to see what price they’re doing it for?


Oh lord I adored that back in the day. And dungeon master, while simpler, was even better!

There is an interesting parallel between EOTB and Civ, in that the square layout allows some interesting strategies or puzzles to be enabled that more sophisticated and freer movement systems don’t. I usually prefer them for that reason.

And Civ 6 looks great, but as with most games, I’ll wait until it drops to a sensible price. Previous versions have been fiendishly addictive for me


Look at Good Old Games - Many of the old games have been re-engined to give proper good graphics while keeping the same theme. If you order a number of games the discounts are incredible.