Computer games and that


Wolfenstein 3D was my most favourite. Best game ever.


Nah, Metal Gear Solid.
Seriously weird at times but seriously good.


I discovered girls…


Nomad Soul was my favourite. You could go in the bar and watch Bowie on stage.

2:15 into this one:


You freak!


Civ 6 is really good. I played 5 to death and it’s a huge improvement.


I used to write computer games, nearly 30 years of that will burn any joy you derive from playing a game from your soul. After 5 years of not making them any longer I have finally been able to stand playing games again. I bought an nvidia shield to use with Kodi (which it does in a very admirable way) but have also started playing a racing game called Asphalt 8 on it. Quite addictive in a fantastical sort of way - apparently nitrous works with a tesla, an audi e-tron and a citroen survolt. Quite fun though.


What games did you work on?

From what I’ve heard about the games industry, it’s an absolutely brutal place to work, especially in the run-ups to launches.


Many, many that you’ve probably never heard of.
A very incomplete list is here…

The games industry is horrific. Here’s some outtakes from an interview I did with a retro gamer journalist a year or so ago.

Back when i started it was very rock and roll without the money or women (the money was there for some but not us on the pointy end) but in your late teens / early 20’s you can weather the outrageous hours and sporadic pay. Once you want a family, morgage and a bit of stability it’s a nightmare as all those ‘bedroom startup’ guys who toiled away in their bedrooms and garages to build a company expect the same from their employees as they are exactly the same macho man children they were 20 years ago.
I understand that steve jobs was difficult to work with, i’ll put him up against some of my ex bosses any day.


OK downloading Civ6 now. RIP life.


Let me know how you get on with it.


Could be tricky from beyond the Lethe.




Nintendo Switch and Zelda :heart_eyes:. Goodbye every spare fucking moment including sleep!


I’ve been playing this since release on the WII U, I haven’t been listening to my hifi/music that much, it’s a very engrossing game indeed. Have fun.


I’ve been doing similar with Mass Effect: Andromeda recently. So immersive and such good fun.


I have to say that Nintendo have produced something very interesting and with plenty of promise. Its a docked console that you can pick up and use as a handheld thanks to the innovative joypad design.

It’ll probably die on its arse because you can’t port all the usual PS and Xbox stuff over onto it and software companies won’t want to spend time on it versus the bigger platforms.

Still, so far this looks to be the best Zelda yet.


Nintendo have only really been about their games, if i do get a Switch later in the year it will be just for the few games they produce alone.

I’m glad they delayed the release of Zelda Breath of the Wild, having been influenced by games like Skyrim with it’s open world/physics based nature, a good move on Nintendo’s part.




You’ll love joystick then :grinning: