Computer games and that


He should have spent more and got thin frame monitors.


Yep, does rather spoil the effect.


Steam Sale is on. Just bought Life Is Strange for £3.99 as a stocking-filler for daughter. Will probably play this myself.


Got my xbox this morning and a copy of forza 7. Looking forward to playing it once ive down loaded the entire internet! The files are massive. 67gb download just to install 1 game.
Good job i unplugged my bt home hub to reset the exchange, it’s downloading at 55mb/s which isnt too shabby.




In did that last week and a unicorn fell out.

Must have got trapped in the matrix.


Over the break I’ve been trying another racing sim, rFactor. I kept seeing rFactor get mentions on forums so thought it must be worth a go.

Things I like: It’s £4.74 on Steam. Bloomin’ givin’ it away!

The hardware requirements to run the game are low meaning it will run nicely on most computers. With my modest graphics card and processor I can get butter-smooth frame rates (average of 75 FPS - for comparison 60 FPS is good for any racing game).

The car physics are brilliant. This is the main reason rFactor is well-regarded among sim racers and there’s no flattering of driving skills. It takes practice and learning to be good.

Apart from the cars and tracks included - I like the open wheel class - there are hundreds of ‘mods’ available. These are extra cars and tracks to add into the game. For example EnduRacers.

Not so good: The graphics are not the prettiest of pretty nor the latest. Which isn’t something I notice because the racing is so thrilling. :grinning:

Ariel Atom Mod


Tonight I’m participating in what’s been dubbed the $1,000,000 battle in EVE.

The million $ refers to the amount of in-game assets that could get destroyed that were payed for with in-game currency, but you would have to spend irl cash to buy.

It’s likely that the fight will go on for many hours.


This made me laugh


I saw that yesterday. Good innit?


I would have lost the plot playing that :joy:

Mind you came close a few times playing Limbo


Looks like fun from the bit I have seen.


Looks interesting; not sure how crucial the VR is going to be to really make the game click though.

I bought Civ 6 just after Christmas and have now given up on it. There are some really very good improvements been made in it (notably you can meet specific criteria to speed up a given tech achievement). But there’s just too much that isn’t right, either being buggy, crazy AI stuff or some very poor design decisions. It’s a real shame.

I’ve gone back to XCOM: Enemy Within, which I didn’t do well with first time round, but seem to be doing a little better with this time round. I think a lot of this revolves around changing my play style to the “camping fag” approach.


Kiddo loves it, I was put off by lack of multiplayer since most of my gaming is done with said kiddo.


This week I’ve been driving a Brabham BT49 around Rouen-Les-Essarts, France. Which looks like this:

A great looking F1 car and fabulous sounds.

Game is rFactor, mod is Grand Prix 1979 by Grand Prix Classics and the circuit is by Virtua_LM.


Another couple of splurges in Steam sales:

XCOM 2 plus all add ons

Enhanced Editions of:
Baldur’s Gate
Baldur’s Gate 2
Icewind Dale
Planescape: Torment

Will probably take me a while to plough through that lot


This strikes me as very much my type of game.
However all the reviews I read of XCOM games indicate they are complete bastards on the difficulty scale.
Would be interested to hear your opinion on this score.


The original XCOM from the nineties was a complete bastard I believe. I’ve played the remake of XCOM recently on the easiest difficulty and that was about right for me! Playing on harder settings is supposed to get pretty damned tricky though.


Cheers Jon, appreciated.


This week my drive has been a Fiat X1/9 Dallara, which looks like this:

Game is rFactor, mod is Spirit of 76 by Core@Team.