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I’m obviously a bit late to the party with these two games from the Danish Playdead Studios but decided to give them a whirl for something a bit different.

Just finished Limbo and have started on Inside - utterly brilliant.

The gameplay is very clever but the graphics are superbly atmospheric - Inside especially is more like a graphic novel than the hyper realistic game norm and all the better for it.

Both games are short but the puzzles certainly keep your brain ticking over - dying is the only way to suss out some of the more complex puzzles :grin: .

Both games are very dark and oddly sinister so hopefully we get more from Playdead as they certainly know how to make something different.


Wow, those screen shots look terrific!


I don’t have an extensive knowledge of games as I’ve really only got back into it but they are unlike anything I’ve played before and cost £12 for both from the Xbox store.

Limbo looks simple enough but it is very cleverly done and brilliantly frustrating - it really does make you think.

Just started Inside but it made me laugh out loud how utterly brilliant it is - reminds me of The Iron Giant a bit which is a very good thing in my book.




This week I’ve been playing the racing sim Copa Petrobras de Marcas which is based on the Brazilian touring car series Brasileiro de Marcas.

This is a pure racing sim meaning an emphasis on car physics, handling and racing. Tracks include the Interlagos circuit. The driving view can be toggled between cockpit (shown), TV cockpit, rear and nose.


I’ve owned variouse PlayStation and Xbox games consoles over the years and have decided to buy another one in the new year. I mainly want to play racing sims.

Project Cars plays on both formats. Gt Sport and Forza are either or. I prefer the xbox controler but have always like previous GT games.

Hence why im struggling to decide which system to buy into.

Should i buy an xbox one or a ps4pro? Is the current Forza on a par with GT sport?

(I’m not buying both like last time)


The answer could be neither if you want the best and latest racing sim.

Have a look at iRacing before deciding on a console.


If you go for an Xbox I’ve got this you can have for nowt as I can’t really get into the realistic driving sims



Cool thanks.
Im going to watch some youtube reviews and videos this evening I may have to venture in to Game or what ever it’s called to have a look. It will come down to xbox controller pref vs GT sport.

Thanks, ive read about iracing before and I don’t fancy it tbh.


Youtube and Twitch are totally awesome for vetting games prior to purchase. Nobody should ever be in a position that they are disappointed with a game after buying it.


I don’t even know what that is. Should I google it or am I just going to get loads of hits of weird pr0n?


It’s a massive live-streaming platform for gamers. If you’re interested in a particular game, the chances are somebody is streaming it.


Thanks. Never heard of twitch before


Ditto, cheers.


Any Sudoku?


By all accounts Forza (compared to GT) reads like it’s more suited to casual gamers, which is me.
The youtube graphics comparisons between the S and the X are decent. The X is without doubt superior, but £450 to play a car racing game is a bit ott. So it looks like an Xbox One S and Forza as a starting point.

Do these ones still do the red ring of death? or is that a thing of the past?


No more, I believe.


I have the X box one, plus Forza. Mine is a couple of years old, and is currently having problems with the dvd drive. If it doesn’t recognise a disc has been inserted, you can’t play the game, even though you have it installed on the hard drive ( you have to insert the disc also at launch ).

So if you buy an X box, I would recommend buying the games on the X box online store, which would get round this problem.


In that case remember my offer old boy :+1:


Similar to Twitch (which I’d not heard of either) I’ve been using Fraps, which I had heard of but never tried. It’s a great little utility which displays frame rate during gameplay making tweaking of (PC) game settings for optimum FPS easier.
Not serious gamer ‘til you got the gloves :racing_car: