Computer games and that


Sam plays this with his mates and loves it.


Is it possible to lock it down in such a way that the only people he can talk to online are his friends? ( I appreciate there are 100 in a game ).


Just asked Sam (because embarrassingly I don’t know), and he said yes in a very complicated way :+1:


You do that through Xbox chat. Nothing to do with the game.


This week I’ve been driving the Oran Park track which was laser scanned by a team of sim racing enthusiasts for maximum accuracy. The clip below shows the real track and the simulated track.

rFactor / mod is v8Factor by Team ORSM / Oran Park track by Brendan Elliott, Chris Larmour and Brendon Pywell


As it’s Le Mans this weekend I’ve been driving a 1983 Group C Porsche 956 around the circuit. The track and mod both by Virtua_LM are among the best for rFactor. Looks like this: (I turn the HUD off because it lessens the immersive quality).


Are there are zombies to shoot?


Just trolls.



Just started this today - I hope it lives up to the rest of the series


Stellaris DLC is on sale so I’m going to get that.



Now there’s a blast from the past. Wanted one of those machines but never got one. Was it called the Jaguar?


That’s right, Atari Jaguar, had one just after they failed, I picked this one up a bit later. Turns out they are worth enough now to part with :smiley: so just testing before I sell them. (And the 3do, Neo-Geo CD etc.)


Red Dead Redemption next month…
my PS4 Pro may get the dust blown off…


4:3 crt telly adding to the retro gaming experience.


Sony PVM broadcast monitor, fantastic for retro games (and laserdiscs), not really been used much since I got this though:


That’s my life gone for a week or five.


My 13yo son asked me if he could get that and I said no. Cue: three day sulk.


Foul language and graphic violence!
But I think you can turn the gore off!


My 11 year old goes into a sulk if I suggest that he might want to watch a film that’s a 12. Odd really.