Computer games and that


Does anyone else have a pressing desire to buy a console in order to play Red Dead Redemption 2?


Metro Exodus looks amazing. Can’t wait for that.


I loved the first one.
However the days solid I have wasted on AC Odyssey has somewhat dampened my hankering.


Utterly absorbed by Red Dead Redemption 2. The production on this is out of this world.





Going to buy it now. Got quite a bit on Steam to start, but this looks good.


See you in 6 months, with a beard.


Got a beard now, but it will be much longer & greyer by then.


Yes you’ll want to pay for ‘extras’ at bath time :wink:


Balls. Red Dead on order, and now Steam have helpfully emailed me to say everything in my wishlist is on sale. Might need to stop going to bed at night and get some exceptionally strong coffee in…


I’m still in the middle of AC Odyssey so it will have to wait.
I need a hand rest in between.

Level 35 and still half the place unseen.


The drunken night out mission in RDR2 :joy: Absolutely priceless.


Sam is 12 today, he’s pretty grown up, but I’ve just this week given him unfiltered access to the 12 movies.



Looks like a German pointer to me.:sunglasses:


Lol! Lauren watched Alien (18 certificate) when she was 12!


Bloody hell, I watched it at 18 and shat myself…


She pissed herself laughing, her favourite bit was the chest burster.