Cooker needed

I inherited an electric cooker when I bought the house.
The previous owner told me it was about 15 years old, she was getting a new one but it might ‘do me a turn’
15 months later and the main fan oven has stopped working so am looking for a replacement.
Needs to be 90h x 60w x 60d to fit into existing space.

A straight swap would be easiest and I would connect it myself although I do have a local gas supply But woud need to get someone gas registered to connect that.
I don’t really know much about the difference or benefits between ceramic and induction hobs.

I live on my own, I am not a Cordon Bleu cook and am not all badge concious.
My normal thing with domestic appliances is have look on Which and try not to buy a dog, I am not at all brand concious and don’t really care about colour.

I don’t really want to spend more than about £750.00

Any one been down this road recently?
Happy to consider any suggestions

Before you go any further, have you checked if just the element is dead and can be replaced? My last element cost c£60 fitted.


No I haven’t.
Although that may be the case as the fan is still working.

It’s worth a look for sure. It means you don’t get a new and shiny oven but it’s much cheaper :+1:.

This is true, although it is knocking on a bit and was free, in my mind I was going to use it until it broke then replace it, but for £60 against £600 it is worth checking.

Sorry m8, it’s takeaway, microwaves, and pot noodle for you :slightly_smiling_face:



I shall henceforth live off pan cooked steaks and veg.
The De Buyer pan is going to get well used! :man_cook:

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When we were in our other house we bought an AEG and it was fantastic (gas hob but the electric oven was very good indeed)

The oven in this house gave up the ghost a year and a bit ago. I bought an Indesit and while it does a job it isn’t a patch on the AEG.

Next one I buy (if that happens) will be another AEG.


I bought this SMEG

It ticked the boxes re ovens and hobs, but actually it’s not that well made. The second oven is slow to heat up, and the hob support things are welded rather than cast iron, so they’re a bit shit. I also paid £200 less than the current price, so thanks brexit.

So it’s adequate at best, well over your budget but hey, it’s the right size. HTH.

Edit: just read your post more carefully and it’s the wrong size, so there we go.


Great post


Double the price and double the size - I would expect no less :grin:

Never ever, ever, ever, I repeat ever buy anything by SMEG


Have a Smeg, double oven, been fine.

I have a SMEG oven, it is pony.

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My brother is the sales director for one of the major kitchen and bathroom suppliers in the UK and SMEG are monumentally the worst product they (used to) stock for failures and complaints.

He said the number of issues with SMEG outnumbered the rest of the makers combined.

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SMEG are not on my list, they don’t make anything that meets my requirements…

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If you go with AEG or AO give me a shout and I can give you a discount code for them, 20% for AEG and 10% for AO.


Cheers Chris,
At the moment my short list is mainly Zanussi and AEG so that would be very useful.

Tomorrows job is to get the element out of the existing cooker and check it.

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Kevin you don’t need to take it out to check it. If you have a multimeter just check the connectivity from one end to the other before removing it. I fitted one last year. Should hopefully be an easy job. Mine was.

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