Cordless garden kit

I’ve had a cheap petrol multi tool from screwfix for a few years but it’s dying. I’m looking at the Bosch 18v system hedge trimmer and strimmer. Anyone here use them? The stihl equivalent is a fair few quid more but I’d rather not have to replace it again in a couple of years

GTech - loads of offers just now and we love 'em

Have they got an offer on 10,000 unwanted ventilators, never used?

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NOOOOOOO! GTech is absolute fucking garbage - fragile and unreliable, struggled to get 2 years out of their stuff.

I’ve got a Ryobi One+ 18V chainsaw, and a hedgetrimmer from the same range - FAR better, and not much pricier.

Worth spending on getting the 5AH batteries and fast-charger for garden kit, as most of it’s power-hungry, obvs.

These guys are good, well-priced and reliable for Ryobi kit -

Buy an extension lead and get one that runs on mains electricity.

That’s all.

You’re welcome.


I was going to post that earlier but thought better of it.

Good show.


Live dangerously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I note you didn’t recommend a circuit breaker…

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Circuit breakers are for wimps. A good shock can set you up for the day. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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I had a 240v shock when I was 12. It hurt.

I also mowed through a mains cable and didn’t die.

I am immune to electricity.

(I now have circuit breakers)


Yeah, I had a few in my formative years, generally from misplaced (and pretty stupid) curiosity. Not very funny at the time, but I’m still here. One of these days, that electrickery will do a proper job and finish it all.

Don’t try this at home kids.

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If not at home then where should you try it?

us too. I also have a load of the One+ tools and all are pretty good at what they do. I do have a couple of 5AH batteries as well

I stupidentally twatpunted the drill from 2-storey high scaffolding onto the ground - not a mark on it, still working perfectly.

Flipside: mate loaned me the hand-held garden sprayer and it died on the 4th use… And the handheld cordless vac is too weedy to be much use beyond quick clean-ups on easy surfaces. Then again it cost a mighty £38…

Buy the Stihl, you’ll probably never need to replace it. Especially if you go for the petrol combi system.

I use EGO 56v battery garden appliances and have a Chainsaw, blower, hedge trimer, strimmer and 52cm lawnmower plus a 2.5 Amp and 7.5 Amp battery. Except the strimmer which is a bit small (I should have bought s larger model) I am very pleased with them.The rest of them.

They have good a five year guarantee that was tested when the switch on the chainsaw broke
and they sent me a new one without fuss.


We inherited my FiL’s cordless mower and strimmer when they moved into a flat with no garden. No idea what make but it does the job OK.
I still want a big petrol bastard with a concrete roller on the back of it, or a ride on, but doubt I could justify it for the postage stamp we call a lawn.
G-Tech can fuck off, they are shite, everything I’ve ever had with that badge on has broken within months or just been fucked for purpose.

I’d love to but the petrol Combi system is £££. The cordless one is not as scary but still pricey - however as you say, there’s a reason pros all use stihl kit…

i was thinking about buying that for clean up around the pillar drill, bench etc…

Can’t recommend it, sadly - it aspires to adequacy, and sometimes approaches it.*

[ * also my personal mission-statement ]

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