Coventry bakeoff - Saturday 27th January


Room for 10 or so for a day of tunes, and maybe a bit of kit swapping, between 11am and 7pm. I’ll provide tea, coffee and fruit juice plus pizza mid-afternoon. Bring music on CD/USB and/or vinyl.

sap7 (Steve)
edd9000 (Edd)
spider (Tim + [tbc])
mickyricky (Micky)
freefallrob (Rob)
w.t.f (Colin)
thickcables (Barrington)
scidb (Dean)
spenagio (Spencer)
divedeepdog (Mark)
mmichbam (Mick)

cragger (Craig)


I’ll put Jim’s name on the list for him. :smile:


I’m up for it again, though I may be at the Hull v Leeds game that day (to be confirmed).
Have to be a possible for now.


Yes please.


Put my name down Ian.


Please Ian


Yes please!


yes please Ian


Count me in please Ian


Hi Ian,

Count me in.


Hi Ian
Kate may come along too.


Hi Ian, count me in, I’ll bring your DDDAC with me unless you would prefer sooner.


:+1: I’ve got enough DACs to keep me going.


Yes if I’m not too late Ian?


Subs bench from now on.


Put me on the bench please


Put me on the bench please, Ian.




PM sent with details about Saturday.