Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 15th October

Room for 10 or so for a day of tunes, and maybe a bit of kit swapping, between 11am and 7pm. I’ll provide tea, coffee and fruit juice plus pizza mid-afternoon. Bring music on CD and/or vinyl.

Steve (almost non-provisional but not commited)

Yes please.

I’m away most weekends at the moment and it’s hard work.
I’d love to come and it’s not far, but I’ll have to be a short notice possible if numbers ok nearer the day, please.
May even ask some hifi questions next time…


Put me down please.

Yes please Ian.

Checking diary…

Possible checking calendar.
Put us down for possibles, might be me, kate and Jack.

Hi Ian,

I would like to take part.

As much as I’d like to Craig, I don’t have the necessary veterinary qualifications. :frowning:


Form an orderly queue everyone ;-).

Weekend looks good… it’s the one before and after that’s bad so I am more yes than possible now!
I found the calendar!

Count me in please Ian

Hi Ian
Sorry we can’t make this one now.
Hopefully next time

No worries Tim. Thanks for letting me know.

Plenty of spaces left for lovers of LS5/9 speakers.

Won’t be able to make it to this Ian, sorry - got to help with family stuff in Herts.

Thanks for letting me know Craig.

He was my designated chauffeur, git. Suppose I’ll
Have to drive my lonesome, I would say it means more pizza for me, but @SCIDB will be there too.

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Details sent out to attendees for Sunday.

Currently seeing if I can swing this…

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Thanks to @crimsondonkey for lending me his Border Patrol SE DAC for tomorrow.

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