Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 15th October

Sorry I couldn’t make it today. Please send pictures of cake, pizza and general gluttony :grinning:

“Dean was here”


What did you think to it?

Is that some sort of rorschach test?


It’s no ones butt crack, that’s for sure…

Thanks Ian for an informative day of DAC swapping and speaker hopping.

I tired to clear the room a couple of times…

Thanks for hosting again Ian. Always an enjoyable day. Enjoyed the Dac swapping and getting to try out my new speakers.

How did they do?

Thankfully no fires.

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That’s reassuring :+1:

I had no worries. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks to everyone for coming to my bakeoff today. It was a fun relaxing afternoon as usual.

Thanks Ian for a great afternoon

Perfect for this place - only here could ink blots become fat blots :grinning:

Did attendees get chance between Country Slices to listen to and make any evaluation of DACs?



Even better if you’d care to expand :crazy_face:

They all tasted the same.

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Yeah Mr Kipling makes exceedingly consistent cakes.

Haven’t had a cuntree slice in ages

Opinion was pretty divided. I liked the Chord and DIDIT, I didn’t get on with the Border Patrol, but in general NOS dacs arnt my thing. They all sound like a Rotel CD player circa 1992. The DDDDDDac probably lies some where in the middle. But on principal I still dislike it.