Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 8th April 2018

Room for 10 or so for a day of tunes, and maybe a bit of kit swapping, between 11am and 7pm. I’ll provide tea, coffee and fruit juice plus pizza mid-afternoon. Bring music on vinyl and/or CD/USB.

mickyricky (Micky)
freefallrob (Rob)
edd9000 (Edd)
jim (Jim)
htm_1968 (Olan + 1)
sap7 (Steve)
haphazzard (Des)
mrkettle (Stephen)
spenagio (Spencer)
divedeepdog (Mark)
cragger (Craig)

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Please Ian…

Yes please!

Yes please.

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I should be able to make this one Ian :smiley:

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Yes please Ian. I should be up and at 'em by April.


Working :frowning:

May be working though. Haven’t figured it out yet as I’m still waiting for HR peeps.



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Will need to check and negotiate at home…

Can I please be a provisional, need to get security systems clearance.

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Go on then count me in

Negotiations successful.


Sorry seems we already had something booked in this weekend so can’t make it I’m afraid.

Day release granted, cheers Ian!

Yes please Ian

Yes please, if there is still space for a little un