Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 8th April 2018


Sub’s bench is now open.



Spot on the bench please mate.


Just to check @Ijrussell, what cartridge are you running and what loading does it need? Might have a MM phono stage to play with by the bakeoff so would need some sort of stepup. Got a 10:1 SUT loaded for 100ohm here, but it is aimed at normal Ortofon MCs.



It would be nice if someone could bring one of these Paradise phono stages to compare to my 907.


I may be able to bring the bits to look at?

Be careful what to you wish for… you may be in luck?




I could bring a dIy phono stage :grinning:


Hope the postie works fast…

Don’t let Ed near it though. :smirk:


I’d love to hear your phono stage but I fear my kit may not be good enough to bring the best out of it. I think I should wait until your summer bakeoff to hear it in situ.


Do you want me to bring mine Ian ?


Sorry to say I am going to have to give this one a miss. It seems we have been volunteered for grandchild careing duties for the entire bloody weekend.


No worries Colin. Thanks for leting me know. Have a great weekend. :slight_smile:


If Mark’s doesn’t get here in time, you could bring yours.


PM sent out to all attendees.


Pork an apple mmm!


Thanks for the hospitality as always.
Lots of nice sweet things. And some meat men.



Thanks to everyone for a great days music, conversation and kit swapping.


Thanks for hosting Ian. Sounding great as always.