Coventry bakeoff - Sunday 8th April 2018


Thanks for a great day out Ian, nice to catch up with folks, talk rubbish, eat pizza (thanks @Ijrussell ) and tings’ and listen to a very nice sounding system :+1:


Best bake off I am sure I heard you say?


Oh yes, it’s my favourite :rofl:


Thanks Ian and company! Great day nice music and pizza…Great to see Olan again sure looking good !..Thanks to Paul for the pies yummy …


+1, this, they were nice…


Good bake - cheers Ian. I was unfortunately tired from the travelling etc but managed to converse successfully most of the time!


Just a quick mention of @MrKettle biscuity things, which were proper lovely :+1:.


The honeycomb you brought was good. As were the pretzels Edd brought, which I think I near enough ate 100% of.


Mmmm, they were morish.




Thanks Ian for another great bakeoff. I really enjoyed your system as usual it was singing sweet with your new corian speakers, did someone ask where the sub was. :laughing:
Nice to meet up with you all again.