Covfaffe - the road to despair, calling at futility and disappointment

That’s disturbing. :flushed:

The algorithm has sussed that Adam is playing at liking serious coffee but might yet be tempted by Instant if it’s spendy enough :grinning:

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More his alternative profile

Other than the inherent faff in hand grinding beans and v60 brewing, my coffee making has been worryingly devoid of faff (and disappointment) for quite some time. Hoffman v60 method, occasionally tweak the grind for a specific bean, very occasionally try the kalita, but generally i’m making coffee that the wife and i consistently enjoy with or without milk.

Tried this (local) place. First time in a long time I’ve preferred another roaster to Origin. The Origin beans i had open were relegated to waiting until i’d finished the Spaceboy haul


Really like this video. Many parallels with critical hifi listening I think.

I found it a bit wanker hipster :joy: