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Gave my Nespresso machine to the parents and they really like it. My dad is a tea drinker but does like a cappuccino. Can anyone recommend a good milk heater and frother? Had one that came with a Nespresso machine years ago but the milk kept burning and sticking to the bottom.

I’ve been using the Nespresso one for years , the kids use for hit chocolates. There is a maximum amount of milk indentation…stops milk burning

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cheers I had the very first version and it looks like they’re on mk4 now so may have been improved.

This looks good based on the reviews and is £20 cheaper than the aeroccino 3.

Do these heat and whisk type get close to what a stream wand can do?
We’ve got a whisk type (fairly cheap), and it’s disappointing in comparison.

No. But they’re much better than the whisk things.

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I found that the method Hoffman suggested, using a small cafetiere thing with hot milk, gave better results than a whisk thing, but it still wasn’t a patch on real steamed milk

I’m really liking this one (espresso)


did they employ gin&tonic to do the photoshoot for the website?

Anyone got any recommendations for a real top-of-the-line level coffee? Got the brother in law in the family secret santa, and he’s massively into coffee (roasts his own beans etc). Doesn’t have to be green beans necessarily though, but it’s an option.

Can’t speak to how good they are but Colonna sell some eye wateringly expensive beans in silly small bags Colonna Coffee

That’s the one I had as a freebee when I went last. Mega. I’m running low, so will get some Monday; I doubt I can make it like they can but good to know its still nice without the 25k of gear producing it!

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That looks ideal - beans you’d look at but struggle to justify for your own use, and they do a variety pack that’s about the right price point for the budget we’ve all set. Thank you!

I’d also wait for @Wayward to suggest something. He’s more of a high roller than me and has actual experience of buying stuff in that sort of price range.

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The smell when I opened the bag was phenomenal. Now I know freshly opened coffee always smells great, but this was exceptional.

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He’s on the edge of the rabbit hole, lads.

One little shove…



If you are going to buy some more give me a PM as I have a 15% discount code for Origin.

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Lol, I’ll just continue to enjoy 90% coffee with 10% of the faff. :grinning:

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@TMC I’d look at Hundred House Coffee and in particular their Freak & Unique line of micro lots and out there processed stuff. I can’t afford it at the moment but I’m itching to try some of it. I have a couple of mates that rave about them.


Weird, I didn’t know they had expanded. They started out in Cornwall and used to supply one of the venues I was booking for. An old mate who was a barista ended up working for them and became a master roaster (Whatever that is?) I do remember he would jump straight to conniption at the mention of Robusta. I’ve never had a better coffee than he used to make.

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Origin are top roasters and have a few cafés. Oddly, they have two on Euston Road, one of which is a concession in The British Library. I was worried that they would dissappear during the pandemic but they just shut temporarily. They (and Caravan) are handy for me because I get the train into St Pancras, so just a short walk for supplies. I do still like going into shops!