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My gay pride mug arrived today


Found in the sink

Yes from WakeCup. I ordered two of their cups at Christmas, one as a gift. I only got one and they said they’d send out a free gift with my cup (said they are closing down and could not personalise them anymore). I said just to send out the mug without realising I’d used a different term, turns out the mugs are smaller than the cups and with a handle! Worked out well for me as I usually buy cortados or flat whites.

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Great thing about using your own cup at Costa is it only takes four coffees to get a free one.

Just had a pour over with this. Very strange. Similar to the one I got from Spaceboy. I like it but it is a bit weird. Fruity or something. The usual coffee flavour is in the background with other stuff coming to the front.

I’m not very good at describing coffee if you hadn’t guessed.

I’ve had Anaerobics before and liked them. Even when they say they’re washed process they taste like naturals, ime.

I don’t know the difference but hopefully I’ll learn over time as I try different stuff.

Was down in the local town this morning to start my train journey, went into a coffee shop to discover it was actually a place that was properly into their coffee. Got a V60 pourover, all done properly (everything weighed, freshly ground beans, and different beans to what they put through the espresso machine). Little nod to the French still as it was served in a caraffe :rofl:


Excellent find!

Ohh, Gardelli! Dat guy does the shit :heart_eyes:. Have had some here and there a while back and it was all top level. :+1:

It’s not a name I know, but it was a lovely cup. Definitely get the lemon on the tasting notes, although the caramel / chocolate notes completely passed me by.

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Tasting notes might be fleeting as the cup cools and rarely are they all present at the same time. You can blink and miss them!

Recently I had an espresso in a cafe that had lemongrass as a tasting note. Literally the last sip really did taste like lemongrass, was amazing! Of course I bought a bag and completely failed to wring that flavour out of it :rofl:.

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Holy shit, £840 per kg

This looks very interesting though


Shit, they have a couple that I really want to buy now!

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Imagine dialling that in. You’d be shitting yourself.


Really like this actually. They have a second one in their Rare range that I’m going to buy. This sort of stuff gets my vote. There’s something to the flavour that keeps me wanting another cup to see what I’m tasting.

I’ll probably get a subscription with them.

Currently huffing this. Terrific in a milk drink and very well priced.

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