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Indeed, what I would call dark roast look almost black

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Thanks all… Will be interesting to see what it tastes like on a higher temp as I’ve been using lower 80s. Although the Caravan is darker than the Horsham so it’s probably not too far off…

Edit here are some pics for ref - I guess a medium-dark brown:

Many roaster will say but not all.

Rave are good for it.

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I’d call that a light medium roast

Medium on the left, med-dark in the middle and an italian espresso (dark) on the right

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Thanks, v helpful.

Oh oh OH!!

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What colour did you go for?

Black. Originally ordered silver but had a change of mind.

Simplify Brewer arrived. Made a bit of a mistake, ordered this direct from the manufacturer in Japan thinking it would take a couple of weeks to get here so haven’t ordered any filters yet, it takes the Kalita Wave 185 filters. Of course it only took 4 days to get delivered from Japan, so just ordered some filters which will be here middle of next week.


Feel like this is a basic coffee but the tasting notes, which I’m sure it’ll taste nothing like, sound good. Should be arriving today :slight_smile:


I had this recently. Be interesting to hear your thoughts.

On your A-game this week Matt :joy:

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At £13.40 for 250g I would not expect that to be a basic coffee at all, that is the price I pay for microlot coffee

Just finished my bag this morning, quite enjoyed it and I did get some good citrus from it.

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Its bloody lovely


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