Covfaffe - the road to despair, calling at futility and disappointment



No idea whatsover :man_shrugging:

Cheers. Valuable contribution! :avocado:

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They do indeed exist. I will try and get you some recommendations for UK based roasters. Timely question as Hoffman is focusing on decaf in recent videos.

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I feel very seen


While I get more specific recommendations, I will always give a shout to Square Mile. I haven’t personally tried their decaf filter, but their decaf espresso roast was good.

Filter/espresso just refers to the roast level. Filter will be roasted lighter and can still be used for espresso too if that’s your jam Decaf Filter | Square Mile Coffee Roasters

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@Algonquin I got this recommendation from someone on Hoffman’s Discord server

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Do you need a Patreon subscription to get access to the Discord? If not can you send me a link?

Yeah it seems you do need a sub to access it.

Ok thanks.

Fellow Prisma attachment for the Aeropress. Comes with a metal filter and has a valve that works under pressure so no dripping until you start to push down so total immersion. first cup tastes good but will play around with the grind. First problem is it’s much messier disposing of the grounds than using the paper filters.

Interesting idea - I generally cannot be bothered with all the inversion process, not least because I fear fucking it up and spilling coffee everywhere, especially with only one arm in action.

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Interested to see how this goes. Currently using the inversion method (only one “incident” so far) but finding the results taste a little thin, so having read of the difference in oils/taste when using a metal filter this seems like a decent compromise. :thinking:

First couple of brews with it certainly seem to have more body and a nicer mouth feel, not as thin but also not as clean when using the paper filter.

I stopped using the inversion technique a while ago as I found I preferred the flavour using it as originally intended but it was just the dripping that I found slightly annoying.

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I use inversion method with metal filter. It’s not as ‘clean’ a brew as with paper as it allows more fines through. It suits my taste tho and I can adjust grind speed to account for fines, to some extent.

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Have a feeling that my coffee machine is equivalent to what mr Kipling is to quality pies


What what whats?

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Or uncle Ben to rice

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Times are a changin’…

ITT, ‘Osmotic flow pours’ would have resulted in a tsunami of opprobrium a while ago. I’m disappoint.

I have no idea what they are btw!

I think you bloom and then just keep topping up as the grinds expand keeping the bed raised up and never flooded.

Either way Japanman seems to like doing it with dark roasts.

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Found a video