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That looks stupid. And boring.

Surely temp will be too low for decent extraction?

Plus, he has a thermometer in the jug so the water was probably already something stupid like 50ºC to begin with.

Wrong person to ask, I barely know about it and have never tried it, just drank it in Japan.

It is a very slow pour in to the middle of the coffee, very slow, and then with about the last third you slowly extend the pour to the outside of the coffee. If you do it right then the coffee sits in the water without you flooding it so you get a very good extraction, but it takes a lot of goes to get it right but once you do you do get a coffee with a more fuller flavour and more body.

I far prefer the end result than to the pours that the likes of Hoffman do as I prefer a more intense and fuller flavour.

Cafec even make filters specifically for this type of pour but you also have to get the grind right so that all coffee gets wet but as said it can’t flood.

This is the video I first found out about it and I agree with him regarding Cafec filters, they are better.

Anyone else have an Origin subscription? We really weren’t keen on last months Chinese bean (fuyan)…might not finish the bag and I don’t think we’ve ever done that with an Origin bag!

Any recs for a good coffee shop in central Edinburgh? Am here for a few days. None of the places like Origin etc. have shops, so not sure where’s good…

Edit … Black Sheep Coffee are on a tear here, been past about 5 in a very short space of time.

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All my coffee gear has been packed away the last 7 months due to house renovations. Finally have it back out and am excited to have a non-instant for the first time in ages tomorrow.

Anyone tried this? I don’t think I’ve had an Ethiopian coffee before.

Not tried that one particularly but Ethiopian coffees are my favourites. They always have that acidic zing and a floral note.

Thanks for pointing that one out, I’ll order a bag!

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Boom, let’s see how she rides…

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Update, I may need to play around with the settings a bit (doing a 4:6 pour-over), but initial impressions are it’s very clean but I can’t really taste any of the supposed tasting notes - it tastes a bit ‘generic coffee’. I’ve had this problem before with Horsham’s Fazenda Inhame, but it turned out that others here didn’t like that also, IIRC. Hopefully this isn’t another dud.

If it tastes clean, you have got the grind pretty much right.

Tasting notes wont be obvious at all temps, they may change as the drink cools.

Depending on the roaster, tasting notes can be fanciful, or they can be bang on. Similarly, tasting notes sometimes aren’t tasted by the sceptical and other people taste all sorts of shit!

I’d not get too hooked up on it tbh. If you like it, buy more, if you don’t, move on!

P.s. coffee does taste like coffee because that is what it is. :+1:

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That’s a relief to know!

Fair point…

Yes, I wasn’t expecting some profoundly novel taste experience, but this tastes pretty much exactly the same as how I remembered my last coffees. I feel like I’ve always struggled to taste any particular notes (not just the ones described) but have some time now between jobs so will take myself off to Origin/Caravan/Prufrock and do some tastings.

On a different note, purely out of curiosity, if I wanted to improve my grinder (Wilfa Uniform) what would be the next step up, without going to Lagom/Kafatek levels? Purely for pour-over, not espresso.

Probably the best spin bowler I’ve seen



The Lagom Mini has been called out as especially good for PO, even though it’s a conical grinder. It’s not horrendous money. The well regarded “entry level” flat burr grinders are the DF64 gen2, Timemore Sculptor 064s and Fellows Ode v2.

I would take all of those over a Niche for PO. Lagom customer service is very good too.

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Update #2, made another cup, this time on the ‘sweeter’ and ‘lighter’ pours (i.e. smaller first pour and larger second, rather than the same in the first phase, and just one large pour in the second phase, rather than splitting it into two or three equal).

This time I can definitely taste different flavours. Not sure they’re the raspberry, lavender or sweet lemon of the notes, but can see what they’re getting at.

I gave some to my son (8) who loves coffee and straight away he said, ‘that’s very fruity’ so we have got something!


Funny story, on holiday a few years ago when he was five, we went to a roastery where they showed us the whole process. They had a section of beans and my son took one and ate it whole. About an hour later we were in a shopping centre and he says, ‘I really need the toilet’. I casually tried to find one and he was like, ‘No I really need to go now’ so I ran to find one and as we made it in, boom, explosive diarrhoea. At the time I was wondering what on earth happened. It was only after I remembered he’d eaten the bean. We still laugh about it now.

I do need to stop him drinking our coffees though - he’ll often try and grab it when we’re not looking and have some. He also likes whiskey - not sure what’s with his taste buds!

Just looked them up - interesting - and the Mini is cheaper than the others too. I feel like I’d want to try a coffee made from one of them first though, to see how much of a step up they are.

It doesn’t work like that; any change of grinder will take months to dial/run in, and it will take whole bags of coffee to do it enough to enable any kind of A-B comparison “each at its best”.

Have you not read the thread title? :grin:

Just buy the most expensive you can reasonably afford and post some confirmation bollocks. We will approve.