Covfaffe - the road to despair, calling at futility and disappointment

Once you get that going again you’ll appreciate how gash Nespresso is

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I’ve always used the pink-packet filter papers for the V60. Ordered a new batch of the green packet as it was the only one they had and it looks to be the same. There must be some difference though as I find the green packet ones drain much faster, and I’m sure the coffee doesn’t taste quite as good (though this may be psychological, haven’t done a back to back test). Bit annoying.

Agreed. I’m looking forward to hand grinding my little porlex that I aquired from Adam many moons ago.

Hopefully no rigmarole of dialling the fucker back in.

I think Hoffman did a bleached v unbleached test and preferred the bleached.
I bought a bulk purchase thing of 10packs x 100 filters worked out at quite a saving

Ah, didn’t realise that was the difference - pink packet is bleached - so my impression is that I’d agree with Hoffman (I probably got pink originally because of his or others’ recommendation).

It’s annoying - I almost want to just buy a new packet of pink but throwing out 90-odd papers seems such a waste.

Best coffee I’ve ever tasted. :yum: :+1:

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Yeah I quite like anaerobics they are generally pretty wild

I’ve almost finished my current beans so will try this next…

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I’d be quick tho’… Last time they had this it didn’t hang around for long! :wink:


Superglue job, innit.

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Well it took a week to arrive but I’ve just received it.

Wow that’s interesting - the banana is very strong.

I think this is the first anaerobic coffee I’ve had - can definitely see what you mean. I’m not sure I love this one, the banana is a bit too strong (and I like bananas generally, but it feels weird in a coffee) but it’s certainly interesting and I’m just glad that for once I can actually taste what it says on the notes :wink:

I think I’d happily keep this as a side coffee - I wouldn’t want it all the time - but it’s nice for something different and I’d try other anaerobics in future. I don’t drink that much coffee though so can’t justify that (the beans would start to go off if I ran two packets concurrently) and I’ll make my way through this, but in theory.


That’s interesting… I got another delivery of this yesterday (roast date 04/07/24) and it’s unlike the roasts I’ve had in the past. It’s definitely not the “fruit bomb” I’m used to? I’d be interested to know what particular roast you got @josh. . … :man_shrugging:

I’ve got the same roast date. It’s showing right near the light end of the scale on the front of the packet, if that’s what I need to look at?

It definitely seems fruity to me.