Cranage Show 2022

Just booked my free tickets for the weekend 19th June …

Added bonus Clare Teal is performing on the Saturday Night 8.00 pm till 9.30 pm . Tickets for her are £25 + booking fee …


who’s dat?

Which day are you going Micky?

Both days Mike ! I generally stay over in my van …Clare Teal is an established British Jazz singer who hosts a BBC radio show and most times sings with the BBC orchestra…

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She’s the daughter of Callum Blue and Sarah Green.


perfect for a hifi show then…

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Result, its on a different weekend to Glastonbury

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Be warned, I’ll be going on the Saturday.

Pen,bag,sweets,t shirt pics,or it didn’t happen

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Best I’ve managed so far….


B- . Must try harder for the top marks.

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Looks like it’s bone china. So :+1:t2: for qwuality.

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Pretty sure I need one of those.

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Audio Lab-Yah! was recently subject to a hostile takeover leading to a complete rebrand. The company will now be known as ‘Mycoxx Electric’.
There is talk of exceptional freebies including topless calendars, Stale peanut dispenser and disposable tooth brushes.

Competition will be fierce for what is touted to be ‘A violent quick strike’.

Got a badge off Linette….




Who’s got those Indian restaurant counter mints in their Nans pot pouri vase?

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How was the show?

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I really enjoyed the day, it was busy, but not stupidly so, I didn’t get around all the rooms but it was nice to chat to friends as well.
Actually heard what I thought were very good sounds, and some that folks were raving about that I really didn’t get….

Photos to follow: