Cricket, lovely cricket (Part 1)

Australia at it again


Could the answer be to check for the stumping only, ignoring any other potential modes of dismissal?


Agreed. I don’t see why the square leg umpire can’t make a decision on the obvious stumpings and save the time.

The referral should only look at the square leg/point camera, no other view is necessary IMO.

If they don’t do something to stop it, I expect other teams will use the same tactic - the genie is out of the bottle.

Good news for “Richard Herring tells people that there is actually an International Men’s Day” day.

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I think that’s every other day, isn’t it?

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PSL final was sensational, if you didn’t see it, watch the highlights.

One of the best T20s you will ever see.

Mark Wood bowling missiles in the IPL

5-14 from his 4 overs

Very impressive.

Managed to buy two tickets for day one of the Ashes test at Lord’s.

First trip to Lord’s so already getting excited.


All you need to say to get the juices flowing.
When I worked abroad in the late 80s early 90s I had a few friends who sent out mix tapes. One mate always included the start of TMS and the commentary of the first ball of the Lord’s test somewhere in the tape. It raised a few French eyebrows when they heard it.

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But need @wayward’s opinion on this.

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Well it is April…

We had a hail storm here earlier that was so intense it was lying on the roads like snow, with cars just creeping along under a black sky. All gone and warm now. :grin:

Had a great day watching Northants v Middlesex. First use of my lifelong ticket, hopefully there will be many more days.


Shame for international cricket, she is a brilliant bowler.

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I’m so fucking annoyed at this!

We can play the best wicket keeper in the game who has done everything he was asked in the winter or we can bring in an inferior keeper cos he averages 3.5 runs more in tests.

So. Pissed. Off.


Yeah this seems like a misstep.

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You should turn up at the first test, if you can chuck it down 5mph faster than Leech you’ll probably get a game.

More injured fast bowlers than you can shake a stick at.

It’s hard to imagine we’ll ever see him playing test cricket again :frowning_face: