Crimes against cuisine (for all your vegan and Marmite matters)

Granted it is a good discount but the pay is also shite :grinning:

Can’t really complain about the pay, I earn more than I did and I like driving the truck so its win win. Getting the M&S discount this year was just an added bonus.

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Your a highly skilled driver I’m just a grunt in the stock room. :grinning:

Were you driving for GIST ?

Surely this presents excellent opportunities for wage augmentation via larceny?

It is quite handy when you can eat the evidence.

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Still do.

You’re an M&S lackey now as they’ve bought over GIST. :grinning:

Hence the discount :+1:

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and all the hookers you can murder.

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And the Yorkies.

Does that include the truck drivers?

Only the tasty ones.