Cruising around the Caribbean !I wish

7 day Caribbean Cruise with Blue Note Records & artists…pay buy easy terms I think! Meet and greet if you book early…

Much more betterer…

Jazz, it’s fucking jazz. :tired_face:


Mine’s not :smile:

Meet who? I’ve never heard of any of them.

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There is no fucking way that collection of dinosaurs and coffin dodgers will get a gig each played in a five day period. Still, as long as it happens outside th three mile limit and no ocean dwelling creatures are too traumatised by it all…

I wonder how much it would cost to arrange for the whole lot to be stolen by Somali pirates.

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There’s a flute in one of the band photos, says it all really.

(But I would secretly go and watch Yes given the chance)


That lot should cruise the Bermuda Triangle.


"features the most renowned contemporary jazz performers in the world."

Not so much

Half of them look as if they’ve been recently exhumed :laughing:

Fuck that. Even I wouldn’t want to be trapped on a big boat with all those stinky jitters.

I had no idea that musically themed cruises were a thing.

Must stop thinking of a genre then googling that + “cruise”

But, but, Voivod! :metal:

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Yes, seen them twice in Bristol :sunglasses:

Proper flutage with associated yodelling from Thijs van Leer…



We could do a cruising AA one around Plymouth Hoe,where you can meet and greet Mr mws and Penance

Mr. MWS will not be available for public engagements - He retired earlier this week having discovered his internet comrades were actually having real life intercourse mostly with real life women folk.
Perhaps it was envy? Whatever the short coming Mr. MWS is 20 clicks south of morose. No need for pity, he is a pillock.

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