Cunts in orbit

Sadly the cunt made it back to earth in one piece.


Did you want him to die?

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No fucks given either way tbh.

Sorry to hear that.

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85km. Not really space. Far below all the ‘low earth orbit’ satellites and in a region where atmospheric drag would still be a real issue.


I bow to your superior knowledge and have changed the thread title accordingly. :+1:

Whoever scheduled it for the same day as Wimbledon and the euros final deserves a medal. It’ll barely get a passing mention.

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You know what would really impress me is if one of these multi-Billionaires paid a fair rate of tax.


A massive fireball, a literal bonfire of the vanities, would have been fucking epic tbh. I don’t wish death in any person, but sometimes I do on what they represent.

Or spend last year bleating for hand outs from the tax payer…


I saw those videos of Branson on the news and thought, “you’re flying really high up in a plane, mate.”


Missed “pigs in space” thread title opportunity.


multi-multi- billionaires:

“I’ve got more money than many 3rd world countries and literally the only thing i can think to spend it on is a massive fucking penis extension because super cars, multi-hundred-million dollar yachts and other possessions aren’t enough for me.”


“no i cant afford to pay my staff properly or let them have toilet breaks” *

*caveat that firms with beardy branson’s name on are apparently actually quite good employers, but ‘meh’, no-one ever got that rich playing fair.

I have no doubt he’ll make a tidy return charging millionaires for a joy ride to the edge of space. I also suspect that this is a starting point to a low earth orbit launching system for micro satellites etc.

Not with that tech, there isn’t nearly enough oomph in the rocket engine.

Not in that launch vehicle I agree, but another launch vehicle is a possibility. Cant see there being enough money in low orbit joy rides to justify this. If it is nothing more than an ego trip them its just a complete waste of resource.

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Reserved for helicopter cops on the Nullarbor Plain :+1:

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Up, but not far enough?

and back to earth

So, what would happen if, instead of a wanky ‘space plane’ Beardy, liquidated his assets, had them turned into a pile of $1 bills and stood on that instead?