Curry guide ? What’s your fancy?

What’s your choice ?

Pathia is my favourite. It didn’t make the list!

of those in the list - probably Dansak (without the pineapple :face_vomiting: ) then Dopiaza.

My fav recipe for cooking ag home is a more “authentic” Chettinad Chicken.

Couldn’t disagree with either of those choices.

I like them all except for a Phaal (I’ve never seen the point).

I don’t do restaurants for curry unless I’m in the Black Country or India/Bangladesh (although I’m determined to try the Turan), I make my own. This is purely down to trying to keep it as authentic as possible.

Since my last visit to the Sub-continent, I’ve not been able to eat British Indian.


mushroom balti and fortunately minutes from a balti belt of shops

Pete, Adam, Edd and I are going there this evening - you’d be more than welcome to join us bruv :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Jim. I have a weekend off too. Sadly, Strayans are over and we are heading off to Southampton this afternoon for a couple of days.

It WILL happen though :+1:

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I cook a curry every Saturday for the evening and for Sunday. One of our favourites is a sweet and sour Balti chicken, pretty hot. Usually with tomoto rice or prawn and mushroom rice. Today we fancied something cooler so its a Chicken Korma. I’ve also made an aubergine and mushroom curry with aubergines picked from the greenhouse this morning. That is a fir bit hotter.

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For a takeaway I really like a lamb jalfrezi, with extra chillies. Not very authentic, but whatever.

I used to make a lot of curries, usually Madhur Jaffrey recipies, but Ellie doesn’t like curries, so I don’t bother much anymore.

Actually, I quite fancy one now…

If I’m looking to eat an Anglicised, plastic curry, it has to be a Chicken Tikka Garlic Balti.

I will accept no cheap imitations.

Beef Rendang or Thai red/green with chicken thigh or king prawns.

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I do like a lamb bhoona me but not had one for ages. :pensive:

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Not had one, or not had a decent one ?

All curry, every curry, curry every night.

Thinking about it - the best bhoona I’ve ever had was home made with mutton rather than lamb - drooling just thinking about now


Had a Dessi last night, not traditional but chefs dish at our local. Made with a naga pickle amongst other things.
Very tasty and nicely spicy.

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It’s all much of a muchness to me.

I don’t get it really. The majority of restaurants serve ubiquitous gloop with poor meat. The better places just serve better meat in something hot with a bit more taste.


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