Curry House in Bristol?

I am in a group that booked a golfing trip to France in 2021 which has been cancelled and rebooked twice and has now morphed into a trip to a few courses in the Bristol area,

We are staying in Princes Street

Looking for a recommendation for a curry house for 16 people within walking distance of the hotel for a Sunday evening in a few weeks time.

@Penance is your man.

In the spirit of the 'toir, I’d recommend this place…


Maximum 6 for a booking, no multiple tables :frowning_face:

This place, I’ve eaten at the sister restaurant which is very nice indeed but a little far to walk from the centre.

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Raj on King Street was pretty good last time I was there. Very close to Prince Street too.

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Looks like Tikka Flame is the closest.

Will check out Raj.

Many thanks guys!

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Certainly staggering distance!

Plenty of pubs around there too.

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Typical fashion of response but there is a great Chinese on the roundabout under the travel lodge, obvs not an Indian mind

Details, schmetails :astonished:

I know you wanted an Indian, but Bristol dues have one of the best lebanese restaurants going, in the vaults off to the left at the top end of the old banking Street, one up from the Courts and just along from the old city wall gates.

Who needs Street names or three words eh👍

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Get in touch with your inner student…

Have you considered a nice river cruise? I hear Bristol has a river.

Dubious claim is dubious

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When you don’t know the city at all, a name or a street would be very useful, rather than a set of directions starting from an unknown location! :grinning:

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TBF, it’s a bit of fun but definitely NOT to be confused with decent food.

Boo, go back to Oxford and your posh nosh. I must have confused it with decent food, I love the place.

We have one in Oxford too :rofl:

Reality is it isn’t great food. Good but not great. But it IS a lot of fun and you can (easily) walk out very full, very happy, and very drunk.

Narelle loves it.

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Rice n Tings does Jerk chicken to knock your socks off. Highly recommended.